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Sunday, 31 August 2008
A Wide Ranging Interview with US Rep. Mark S. Kirk of Illinois

by Jerry Gordon (Sept. 2008)

Illinois Rep. Mark S. Kirk of the suburban Chicago 10th House District has been called “One of the Brightest Members of the House” by the Chicago Tribune. Morton Kondracke, Executive Editor of Roll Call and one of FoxNews “Beltway Boys” considers Kirk as “one of Congress’s most effective moderates.”  Kirk has served the Illinois 10th district in Congress for four terms, first winning election in 2000, succeeding Rep. John Porter, who he served as Chief of Staff. This fall he goes up against Democrat Daniel Seals, a repeat of the 2006 contest for his House seat. Presuming that Illinois Senator Barack Obama is the Democratic Presidential nominee, Kirk could face some ‘coattail effects’ even in his home district.  more...
Posted on 08/31/2008 6:05 PM by NER
3 Sep 2008
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 Kirk receives a full 100% rating from Planned Parenthood,yet professes such concerned about the incompetent of Darfur and some scribbler in Bangladesh. He's morally depraved but still a perfect example of today's American 'leadership'.

1 Sep 2008
herb glatter

thank goodness for people like Congressman Kirk, his firm grasp of reality in dealing with events domestically and abroad is refreshing. hopefully he will be returned to office by his constituents.