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Sunday, 31 August 2008
Franco, Fascism and the Falange

– Not One and the Same Thing

by Norman Berdichevsky (Sept. 2008)

he long term misunderstanding and simplification of RIGHT vs. LEFT terminology in political discourse is responsible for the misconception that “The RIGHT” with its emphasis on traditional, nationalistic, conservative or religious values is inevitably a step in the direction of the FAR RIGHT "ending in Fascism." Yet history has demonstrated that both political extremes share a basic common appeal to the “masses” and depend on a collectivist ideology that glorifies abstractions such as "The Nation," "The People," "The Throne" or "The Working Class." more...

Posted on 08/31/2008 6:23 PM by NER
26 Sep 2016
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Just as Nazi Germany was not Europe,   the United States is not America.   U.S. Americans in general definately share an egocentric and self centered view of themselves in relations to the rest of the American continent as did Nazi Germany in relations to the rest of the European continent. In addition to a past no different than that Nazi Germany, the United States narcissistic nature will eventually lead it back to its natural former self.  

This is America and everything there in is American:

The United States is not America, it is of America. The continent of America, the real, geniune and authentic America, didn't stop existing on July 6, 1776.

No, I'm not anti-America/n, you are. 

14 Jan 2016
You seem to skip over a few facts, notably the organized repression and terror that was instituted from the first day of the "rising"of the military against a democratically elected Republican government .The summary and extrajudicial torture and execution of several hundreds of thousands of liberals,progressives,intellectuals, Marxists and anyone who had voted for the Republican gov. elected in 1936. The Falangists, the " Africanistas 'and Moorish troops used in the repression which continued after the civil war through the 1940's into the 1950's. The liberal use of castor oil in the torture and humiliation of prisoners prior to their executions should give you an insight into the sociopathic minds of the 'Nationalists'.

14 May 2013
Arnie Fothergill
Well written article, however, there is a failure to mention that the Falange followed the path of all the other Facist parties starting from socialism and moving to Fasism and then being discarded by the dictator they had helped into power.  Members of the Falange are estimated to have murdered 100,000 Republicans after the Civil  War. 

18 Nov 2012

This is truly an exceedingly well-written article and shows the perception of the author about the nuances of Spain's politics during the pre-Franco and Franco eras.  It likely won't be appreciated by those who have been brainwashed by socialism, especially the puerile.

14 Jul 2012

I was interested up to the point he mentioned us all facing the threat of islamo fascists and then I rapidly lost interest in fact before he had even finished the list of right thinking countries like ourselves. .

20 Apr 2011
Tom McLaughlin

 This is apologism of the worst sorts. You paint a picture of a brilliant man (Jose Antonia) struggling against the break up of The Patria and working for a united corporative body. You have completely overlooked the years of street fighting the falange took part in, their reverence for dictatorship. The falange were a group infamous for having eager middle class radical fascists drive through worker's districts shooting at random civilians. However, what you describe seems altogether another party

17 Mar 2010
T W Morrison

A very fine article, well written intelligent and very informative.   The writer anticipated almost every question I would have asked about contemporary Spain.  Well done.