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Sunday, 31 August 2008
Sarah Palin Sposata Con Un Eschimese

From the Corriere della Sera: 

"I media americani, dopo la notizia che John McCain potrebbe scegliere Sarah Palin, la governatrice dell'Alaska, come vice, cominciano a scavare nel passato della donna. Palin, 44 anni e con cinque figli, considerata la stella nascente del partito Repubblicano, in passato ha partecipato a diversi concorsi di bellezza. La donna, sposata con un eschimese, nel 1984 partecipò al concorso di Miss Alaska, arrivando seconda ."

Her husband is part-Eskimo, but it's fine, it's even helpful, to have her described as "sposata con un eschimese."

And while we're at it, is not the word "Eskimo" or, still better in the antique plural, Esquimaux, have something that  the Canadianly-correct "Inuit" can't possibly possess, such as a sense of the past?  

Posted on 08/31/2008 10:17 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
2 Sep 2008
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oops -Re the singular "Oliver" - Woe is me, Woe is I, eskimos, eskimi, esquimaux

2 Sep 2008
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First They Came For The Esperantists.....
Or: Not So Quiet Flows The Esperantist
Or: Fahrenheit Zeitgeist
Paul continues a to be an a-mazing cornucopia of tid-bits about MBE.  I tried channeling a "411" to get her number, but all I got was an automated out-of-body message from Elvis: Return to sender; no such number; no such Area Code. Why don't you drop her a line?"*
I was, however, able to dig up this by the faux Esquimaux and pathologist, Dr. Oliver Windy Homes:
En Block Meant
Man wants but little here at fifty below Fahrenheit
Little I ask; my wants are few;
I only wish a hut here below,
(A very plain igloo will do,)
And fifty words for snow
Unlike Paul and Hugh, I don't have "fifty score" or more of tastefully bound volumes and I didn't expect to find "Esquimaux" in the index of The Gulag Archipelago.  I didn't, of course, but did run across "Esperantists, persecution of, 59":
"Among such lashing waves [of prisoners] as this, certain modest, changeless wavelets always got lost; they were little heard of, but they, too, kept flowing on and on:.........There were Esperantists - a harmful group which Stalin undertook to smoke out during the years when Hitler was doing the same thing." 
* Somewhere in the NER archive is Paul's retelling of the tale of MBE's tomb telephone line.  I think that it accompanied his observations regarding Joseph Cornell's models and "thinking outside the box."

1 Sep 2008
Paul Blaskowicz

In Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures (1875) Mary Baker Eddy asks: When wandering in Australia. do we look for help to the Esqimaux in their snow huts? (Chapt. IV,  Christian Science versus Spiritualism)