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Tuesday, 30 September 2008
Vanishing Christianity

by Rebecca Bynum (Oct. 2008)

Despite what seems to be incessant criticism of Christianity today, the reality is there is really very little real criticism of specific Christian doctrine, criticism that would help to correct the course of modern Christianity. Growing ranks of militant atheists rail against religion as a whole and call for its complete abandonment. Religionists in turn find themselves forced to defend religion in its entirety and are distracted from what might be profitable religious self-criticism. In addition, many Christian congregations have taken up social causes as they have gradually abandoned the cause of religion as such. Furthermore, the general decline of religion has led to an increase in superstition even among the highly educated and more than a few congregations are directly involved in fostering superstitious thought.  more>>>
Posted on 09/30/2008 4:59 PM by NER
1 Nov 2008
Dennis Smith

Great article!  I see my church being described in it.  Do I understand that you are saying that it is not appropriate for chuches to do "good works" but rather that individual  church members may undertake such work?   Can you suggest books or articles that deal with this subject?  Sometimes the peer pressure to work in the church's inner city mission is overwhelming.  And you do get the idea that this is the path to salvation.  Thanks, Dennis 

23 Oct 2008
Send an emailantony walker-powell

A well reasoned article, but I believe the omission of the opinions of members of the Catholic Church and churches, like Orthodox,  that follow the Catholic tradition weakens your argument.

13 Oct 2008
Send an emailRebecca Bynum

Dear Mr. Kenny,

Thank you.

8 Oct 2008
Peter Kenny

Dear Ms. Bynum,

     A very good article on "Vanishing Christianity"-- but please, do not call Sen. Obama's good friend "William Ayres".  He is William AYERS; I know a Bill Ayres who has always been a decent person.