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Tuesday, 30 September 2008
Women, The Olympics & Islam

by Tina Trent (Oct. 2008)

, 1996

At the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics, one hypnotically hot day in July, I stood on the pavement outside Atlanta’s Olympic Stadium as two Middle Eastern men angrily snapped photographs of me. Five thousand miles from Iran, a few blocks from my home, five years before 9/11, I came face-to-face with Islamic extremism on a crowded Atlanta sidewalk.
Posted on 09/30/2008 5:05 PM by NER
26 Dec 2008
Mary Grabar

This is amazing.  This is what should be in the New York Times, rather than the propaganda they publish.

4 Oct 2008
Jean-Marie Dauplaise

Trent's compelling essay underscores the sad truths of the unspeakable damage wrought by moral relativism as the only acceptable discursive mode permitted within the strictures of Western multicultural sensitivity. 

1 Oct 2008
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An excellent article. Welcome to NER.

I completely agree about the hypocrisy. I wonder if the UK will be any better. Not hopeful. Boris Johnson, London's mayor will have a lot of the decision making. Boris (see my article here) understands Islam all right, but he talks the diversity talk.

30 Sep 2008
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Islam and the Olympics. This is a story that must be plastered on every wall of every sports venue. Saudi Arabia, that wealthy paradise of of the noble beduin riding his magnificent Arab stalllion blah blah blah. There was an outcry in the Arab Times about the poor performance of Saudi equestrian team. There was an angry retort from the organizationn that it was not their fault at all, their very best rider was short of only one little thing, to wit, a horse. The other  riders had to ride borrowed nags. Who needs a horse when you can 1,800 mosques in Europe.

30 Sep 2008
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For a related article on the 2008 Olympics, see "2008 Olympics: Why Intolerant Societies Can't Jump" at