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Monday, 28 August 2006
Funny, he looked like a Jewish Israeli...

 Daniel Pipes tells the tale:

An Italian named Angelo Frammartino, 25, espoused the typical anti-Israel views of a far-leftist, as he expressed in a letter to a newspaper in 2006:

"We must face the fact that a situation of no violence is a luxury in many parts of the world, but we do not seek to avoid legitimate acts of defense. … I never dreamed of condemning resistance, the blood of the Vietnamese, the blood of the people who were under colonialist occupation or the blood of the young Palestinians from the first intifada."

Actively to forward his beliefs, Frammartino went to Israel in early August 2006 to serve as a volunteer with ARCI, a far-leftist NGO, working with Palestinian children at the Burj al-Luqluq community center in eastern Jerusalem.

But on August 10, he was stabbed in a terrorist assault at Sultan Suleiman Street, near Herod's Gate in Jerusalem, twice in the back and once in the neck. He died shortly after, only two days before his planned return to Italy. The killer, soon identified as Ashraf Hanaisha, 24, turned out to be a Palestinian affiliated with Palestinian Islamic Jihad. A resident of the village of Qabatiya in the Jenin area, Hanaisha apparently planned to attack a Jewish Israeli but made a mistake...

Posted on 08/28/2006 10:56 AM by Rebecca Bynum
30 Aug 2006
Send an emailkeith shishani
I doubt very much that a mistake was made,it was a hit and who's behind it, but the mossad,I am sure that the killer thought he was killing a Jew, and I am sure that this guy was either paid to do the killing or was brain washed,in no way that it was a coincidence for Mr.Frammaitino just happened to be at the wrong place at the right time. Mr. Frammaitino may God bless his soul was working for peace and he was mostly against Israel, and a person of his character would be will known by Palestinians.

29 Aug 2006
I read Mr. Pipes report on this murder, and I wonder at the type of mind that can so easily kill perfect strangers. But, then, we have drive by shootings, here.

I remember as a young kid, running around chanting "Guns for the Arabs, sneakers for the Jews" I don't know who taught me, or even what I was saying...this was in 1948/9 and I was six.

I knew no Jews, nor was I an Arab.

I grew up hearing how the British stole my father's home, his grandfather's kanguage and religion. But, my own religion teaches me to all of us are children of God.

How can someone learn such hatred? How can someone live it? Inside, there has to be a most terrible blackness. Nothing could be worse than this fratricide.

God help them. God forgive takes God to do so.