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Sunday, 30 November 2008
Some individual stories of death in Mumbai

Thanks to Alan for pointing me to some of these individual stories of death and survival in the Indian press.
At 10 pm on Wednesday, an unsuspecting Thakur Budhabhai Waghela, 33, a sweeper employed at GT Hospital, was sitting down for his dinner when there was a knock on the door.
When he opened the door, a stranger asked him for water to drink.  After having the glass of water offered to him, the stranger shot Waghela dead at point-blank range in front of his six-year-old son, Yash.
“We had been hearing the sound of firing for some time and we afraid when we heard a shot very close to our house,” said Bhavesh, Waghela’s younger brother who lives next door on Badruddin Tayyabji Road. 
Pointing at a bullethole in the wall of his house, Bhavesh said the terrorists fired randomly as they ran on Badruddin Tayyabji Road - a small bylane off DN Road that leads to the back entrance of Cama Hospital.
“I saw two terrorists from about 15 feet away. One was short and the other tall. They were wearing caps, blue and black jackets with lots of pockets in them. They also carried a backpack,” Bhavesh said. The terrorists appeared to be in their 20s. They were young and ran fast shouting abuses and firing shots randomly as they ran past our homes, he said.
“There was nothing we could do. We were too scared to go out. Finally, we rushed him to GT Hospital, but it was too late.” 
And from the Deccan Herald.
It is a moment Kevin Rego will never forget. At 4.30 am on Thursday, he heard his brother Boris dying gasps over the cell-phone after he was gunned down in the Taj Hotel kitchen by the terrorists.
“All he could do was whisper my name twice, and then call out to my dad, before the phone went completely silent at his end,” Kevin told Deccan Herald. Boris Mario, 23, was among the chefs at the Taj Hotel, cold-bloodedly gunned down by the militants.  “They forced them into the kitchen sometime after 4.00 am (Friday) and ordered them to make sandwiches.
 “As soon as the chefs had finished, they lined up five of them, including my brother, and shot them down,” Kevin said. Boris’ father Urbano is the top chef for the Taj group in Goa.
Meanwhile, Vijay Rao Bhanja, 48, an executive chef at the Taj Hotel, was gunned down by terrorists in the early hours of Thursday. One of his colleagues, who luckily escaped, informed the family about the tragedy, according to agencies.
7 deaths out of many, but once you put names, and occupations, and family to them you can start to imagine the loss.

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