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Sunday, 30 November 2008
A bit of a sett-to

Twenty years ago, a group of protesting lesbians abseiled into the House of Lords. They were in good company. The Spectator's Robin Laurance reviews John Mortimer's In Other Words:

[T]he book is almost worth its inflated price for an anecdote about Lord Arran. He introduced into the House of Lords both the Sexual Offences Bill ‘which permitted men of a certain age to be as friendly as they liked’ and a bill for the preservation of badgers. As he lay dying, he asked a friend at his bedside why it was that the House of Lords had been packed full, with peers almost falling out of the public gallery, ‘when I passed my buggers bill, but almost completely empty except for a few old earls when I passed my badgers bill’. It took his friend to remind him that there are very few badgers in the House of Lords.

Posted on 11/30/2008 7:15 AM by Mary Jackson
30 Nov 2008
John M. J.

"Gobbler's Gultch"!!!!!!!

How come all you straight guys know so much more about the gay sub-culture, and I use that term advisedly, than I do?

I'm beginning to feel a little antique, a little out of touch (so to speak), here and it's quite, really quite, worrying!

30 Nov 2008
Paul Blaskowicz

Ron "moment of madness" Davies is the former cabinet minister  who resigned in 1998 after an incident in which he was robbed after  accepting an invitation  to a (very late) dinner party from a middle-aged Rastafarian** met by moonlight at Gobbler's Gulch - a secluded corner of   Clapham  (joc. /kla:m/ ) Common in S. London.

(**With hindsight obviously  one of John's "not quite" categories: Not Quite Dinner-Party Material.)

Ron got into a  little  more trouble in March 2003 when he went badger spotting  near Bath in a wooded area  known as Tog Hill (since re-named Badger's Thrust).Read here.

30 Nov 2008
Hugh Fitzgerald

More On the Badger Theme Alluded To In “Sett-To”: