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Sunday, 30 November 2008
Platitude City

I have sometimes wondered whether I was a little harsh about "Ed" Husain, the ex-"Islamist". After all, he preaches moderation, and may be sincere. But this Prodigal Son has been feasting on the fatted calf for a long time now. Hard questions need to be asked.

Today's nice little earner is Husain's column in The Telegraph, ostensibly denouncing "extremism". And how does Husain propose to put an end to 1400 years of Jihad? Read for yourself:

Last week also marked the beginning of a series of events where young, home-grown pluralist Muslims engage in unbridled discussions with senior officials from government and from across civil society. Hosted by the Quilliam Foundation, Britain's first Muslim-led counter-extremism think tank, these roundtables will expose key opinion formers to intra-Muslim discourse.

That'll do the trick. Unbridled discourse, and perhaps, for good measure, some roundtable triangulation. 

Posted on 11/30/2008 4:15 PM by Mary Jackson
30 Nov 2008
Paul Blaskowicz

I met Douglas Alexander (of your linked article) - eee, what a loverly chap - as we say up here - about a year ago.  He told me he thought Husain was the most  taqiya-free and stable of the recent clutch of British ex-hizbies.

It's worth looking at the history of  Abdullah Quilliam, if only to read such names as Nasrullah Warren,  Hasham Wilde, Khalid Sheldrake.  I think the islam they praught was essentially that of the ahmadis so they would be regarded as heretics worthy of death.

With your special interest in inter-linguistics  you will be amused by this funny  artcle on Khalid  "The Pickle King" Sheldrake,  who translated portions of the koran into Esperanto (between quelling anti-muslim riots in South Shields)! That really does deserve an exclamation mark.

30 Nov 2008
Hugh Fitzgerald

Hosted by the Quilliam Foundation, Britain's first Muslim-led counter-extremism think tank..."

I hope he hasn't managed to inveigle any hopelessly naive and hopeful Infidels to contribute to "Britain's first Muslmi-led counter-extremism think tank." 

If someone wishes to support an enterprise or endeavor that most effectively discharges both a pedagogic task -- what is Islam? what is Jihad? what are the main insturments of Jihad? -- and offers concrete suggestions for the fashioning of policies that may not feel good, but make sense -- all of this offered attractively, and even, at times, seductively, they should not be supporting the transparent con game of the Quilliam Foundation. On the other hand, so-called "moderate" Muslims, eager to deflect examination, analysis, criticism of Islam, may find the Quilliam Foundation, and Ed Husain, just the ticket.

One thing that ought always to be done before deciding to contribute to this or that group claiming to be "in the forefront" of those "doing battle with Islam" is to find out just what the head of that group pays himself, and then cast a cold eye on, and close one's wallet to, every such group where such a take is even one cent above the average annual income in the relevant country. Don't feed the racketeers. They do quite well as it is.