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Friday, 27 February 2009
Annoying Americanism of the week

Pronouncing lingerie as lingerée, or, more accurately, lan-juh-RAY. Knickers to that.

Thanks to Paul in the comments to this post for reminding me of this annoying Americanism, which must surely annoy right-thinking Americans too.

Posted on 02/27/2009 1:30 PM by Mary Jackson
28 Feb 2009
Send an emailEnoch

Put "knickers" down as the annoying Britishism of the week!

Stupid word.

28 Feb 2009
John M. J.


There was a young lady of Ryes1,
Whose life was bereft of all peace;
When asked why that was,
She said, “It’s because
of a lanzhuring fear of green peas”.
Her life was most blighted –
she was sore a-frighted.
When asked why ‘twere so
she by no means was slow,
but fanzhured her fear, oft slighted,
By a culprit so plain,
and she wasn’t being vain –
She was haunted, you see,
and this info’s for free,
by a strange little ghoti2. Insane!
1. A commune in Normandy pronounced ‘Reece’.

2 Just say it: ‘gh’ as in enough; ‘o’ as in women; ‘ti’ as in motion..

27 Feb 2009

Lawn-jer-ay.  Is that putting on airs?  I didn't know there was an alternative; not that the word comes up much in conversations in which I participate.

27 Feb 2009
Paul Blaskowicz
[...] I have never heard a fellow citizen pronounce "lingerie" as "lonzheray" [...] - Hugh

That comes from never mixing with the real people. I asked two unrelated  American friends how they pronounced lingerie.  Both said lan-zhuh-'ray.  Random House gives that as the first pronunciation, and lan-zhuh-'ree as the second. Of the three dictionaries with pronunciation  (and sound) two give lan-zhuh-'ray as the preferred (most usual?) US pronunciation.  The UK pronunciation is approx. 'lan-zhuh-ry

27 Feb 2009
Send an emailUncle Kenny

One likes to fit in, so to speak.

Whenever I mention lah-jer-ee to friends and family they just look at me and occasionally snicker.  If I give up and say lon-jur-ay, they nod and understand.

I do refuse to say a-sess-er-ee, however.

27 Feb 2009
Send an emailMary Jackson

My Americanisms are, admittedly, rather elastic.

27 Feb 2009
Hugh Fitzgerald

I am an American boy. And as an American boy, and thus naturally a connoisseur of such things, I have never heard a fellow citizen pronounce "lingerie" as "lonzheray" except in old movies, where the elevator operator in the department store does, I admit, call out "Women's Lonzheray." That is only my testimony. And perhaps I don't get out often enough. But there it is.


27 Feb 2009

That's totally pants, man.