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Saturday, 28 February 2009
The Fruits of Rage, Part I

by Richard L. Rubenstein (March 2009)

(An excerpt from Richard L. Rubenstein's upcoming book tentatively titled, Jihad and Genocide.)
Sheer rage has become an important element in the behavior of a sizeable number of Muslims toward non-Muslims, especially but by no means only Jews.  Rage itself has been characterized as a “shame-based expression of anger.”[i] To experience shame, a person must compare his actions with some standard, either his own or another’s, and he must regard himself as having failed to meet that standard. Shame is the product of the very self that it condemns.[ii] In those societies in which the military caste enjoys dominant status, defeat in war can result in shame so painful that death is deemed preferable. more>>>
Posted on 02/28/2009 4:46 PM by NER
17 Mar 2009
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"... rage is a response to the subject’s perception of his/her own impotence."

This is too generic. I disagree with this. Rage is intense anger and can be expressed in a quite controlled inner-power-based response to resentment for hurt to one's loved ones or to one-self. Rage is an energy. However, when it is expressed in strength, rage is very controlled and deliberate when expressed. All real power is restrained. When rage is expressed in power it can be devastating (look at Israel's cold rage in Gaza).

What we see in the Muslim world is depression (which is a perception of loss of control over one's life). The Muslim world is a death-wish-suicidal-culture.

The problem for them (especially in the Mideast) is that it requires courage to leave a failed culture and go to an alternative. However, people don't leave things unless they have something to go to. Islamic culture, thanks to Mohammed, is like a battered wife with no shelter to go to. There is no alternative. That's the problem. 

The culture will commit suicide-though like Hitler and the Nazis, they may attempt to take down the world with them in a twilight of the Allahs.