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Sunday, 19 March 2006
Our man in Kabul

Smooth Karzai, oleaginous Karzai, Our Man In Kabul Karzai, forever blotted his copybook when he emerged from the anti-Infidel antisemitic rant of Mahathir Muhammad at a meeting of the O.I.C., and declared the speech "splendid." That was it. He could have remained silent. He could have said, with studied ambiguity, "a speech about Muslim weakness that provokes thought." He could have said "it is a speech that is certainly controversial." He could have said "No comment." He could have had an aide say "Mr. Karzai is currently unavailable" or "Mr. Karzai will not be able to speak to you now, for he has a pressing meeting."

But no. Karzai praised that awful speech. And the most attractive purple-and-green robe, the most sincere smile, the outrage at the Taliban, will simply not do enough to offset the hint of his "sorry-just-can't-go-the-whole-distance" and "I-have-to-remain-in-the-end-true-to-Islam-and-to-the-Mahathir-Mohameds-of-this-world" attitude.

Sorry, that's no longer acceptable. The West, the Infidels, can't accept that.

And as for the judge in Andy's posting below, his name sounds familiar (is there a hint of a Sufi whirling-dervish or mevlevi contained in his name?). Possibly he has been involved in previous examples of Sharia-based intolerance. The Afghani equivalent of Judge Khalkhali?  Thought so.

Posted on 03/19/2006 12:39 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
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