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Tuesday, 31 March 2009
It's Still the Same Old Story

by Ares Demertzis  (April 2009)

A mysteriously dark and oppressive pistachio sky hung low over my head; wine colored stars gazed down unconcerned by the plight of a yellow boat plowing with angry difficulty through a murky crimson liquid that I assumed to be the sea. I watched myself sitting on a rusting, white railing that circled an empty deck, effortlessly lifting my right arm and pushing it carefully through the sharp edges of a crescent moon; the shimmering, ever-lengthening appendage extended itself gracefully, disappearing into unfathomable heavens. The explosion was swift and violent; bright orange flames resembling flashes of lightning burst in comic strip animation from amidships, tearing the vessel in two, sucking everything into a ruthless vortex, propelling all into the unfathomable, aquatic deep. I twisted my body away from a crashing wave and felt the frigid water splash across my chest. more>>>
Posted on 03/31/2009 5:52 PM by NER
3 May 2009
Dave Mohrmann

 Once again, I am beyond mild disappointment.  For all that could have been the subject of that terrible time in Honduran history, I get instead an Indiana Jones make-believe about literally nothing.  Honestly, I thought this kind of story-telling died back in the 1950's.  It's only subject is the deep conceit of its author, who would love to imply [to himself if no one else] that some of this "might be true."  Ah, to be such a cynical swashbuckling hero!  Bullshit!  A total waste of my time, which shall be wasted never again, I promise.

2 Apr 2009
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Really good!!, took out a bunch of unexpected laughter out of me. Though, just like the girl, i didnt understood the last thing Rick said, so i was left with a sense of "To be continued.."

It'd be nice to here more of these adventures!!