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Wednesday, 29 April 2009
Yorkshire terror camp pair jailed for seven years

From The Yorkshire Post
TWO men who planned to attend a training camp for terrorists were jailed for seven years each today.Waheed Ali, 25, Mohammed Shakil, 32, and Sadeer Saleem, 28, were yesterday cleared of helping the July 7 bombers select their targets.
But Ali and Shakil were found guilty of conspiracy to attend a training camp for terrorists after they were arrested before boarding a flight for Pakistan in 2007.
Today Mr Justice Gross sentenced the pair to seven years each at Kingston Crown Court.
They were the only people to be charged as a result of the biggest police inquiry in British history.
Mr Justice Gross told Ali and Shakil it was an offence "at a serious level".
He said: "Your intention, but for your apprehension, was to attend a real camp and to use real guns in training at that camp.  This was not play acting and you were determined players, not naive dupes."
He told the pair there was a "very real prospect of reoffending".
The court heard Shakil has health problems, including an anxiety disorder, but while the judge said he had some sympathies for those difficulties, he added: "You have hitherto always managed to surmount such difficulties when it came to actually attending training camps."
Mr Justice Gross said the most important factor in his sentencing decision was to deter others attending such training camps.
The trial had heard about 1,000 young Muslims from the United Kingdom visited training camps in Pakistan between 1998 and 2003.
The judge said: "It must be made entirely clear, if necessary through sentences of an appropriate length, that such conduct is unacceptable."
He told Ali and Shakil they could not take the benefit of living in this country and then associate with those conspiring to kill British forces.
He added: "There can be no 'a la carte' citizenship."
Mr Justice Gross said: "By seeking to attend such a camp you betrayed a country that has given you and your family a home. That loyalty has been sadly lacking."
Hazel Webb, whose daughter Laura, 29, was killed at Edgware Road, expressed her dismay following the sentencing.  The personal assistant from Islington, north London, died in the explosion triggered by suicide bomber Mohammed Siddique Khan.
"All I can say is I am extremely disappointed that they didn't get the maximum sentence which could have been imposed," Mrs Webb said.
MANY more people were involved in the July 7 plot and will be charged with offences relating to the bombings, counter-terrorism sources have vowed.Today it can be revealed that some of the fingerprints found at the bomb factories used by Mohammed Sidique Khan and his fellow bombers have yet to be identified and may provide crucial leads.
One senior officer said: "This is the largest investigation ever carried out by the Metropolitan Police. "There were a large number of fingerprints at the bomb factories – the vast bulk belonged to the bombers but others are still unknown.
"The message should go out that we will go to the nth degree and pursue anyone who we think is involved in a plot against this country." Last night Deputy Assistant Commissioner John McDowall, head of the Met's Counter Terrorism Command, said he too believes others were involved in planning the bombings.
He said: "While those directly responsible for the bombings died in the attacks, we remain convinced that others must have been involved in the planning.
"I, again, would urge anybody who has any information about the July 7 attacks to come forward and contact police.
"I do understand that people may have concerns about the impact of giving us information, but it is the right thing to do.

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