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Thursday, 30 April 2009
Also Sprach Obama

by Hugh Fitzgerald (May 2009)

Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy do not see eye-to-eye on
Turkey. Sarkozy does not want Turkey admitted to the E.U. Nor does Angela Merkel. Nor do the leaders of Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, or Great Britain. Nor, one suspects, does any leader in any of the member-states of the E.U. What about their citizens? They, too, seem distinctly unenthusiastic about admitting, as what would be the most populous member of the E.U., a country that is not only 99% Muslim, but that is becoming less Kemalist, and more truly Muslim, every day. more>>>

Posted on 04/30/2009 6:13 PM by NER
7 Sep 2009

 Hugh Fitzgerald, I like your frank open analysis of these problems. I always thought that the son of a Muslim is always a Muslim, unless discharged by Sharia Law. And as the son of a Muslim they are normally indoctrinated with Islam from a very young age. This memory remains with them for life. But BO accepted Christianity or so he claims. Is this conversion in his heart and his psyche or is it "taqiyya" to be used to cover up his basic feelings? Is he an Agent of Islam or a foe of Islam as a Christian? It is hard to see indications of the latter so far.

Good luck on you writings. I like it so far.

6 May 2009
Send an emailROB

Gee, Obama a "naif" in other words a fool. Whod a thunk it. Change you can believe in - surrender and eventual enslavement.

2 May 2009
Send an emailGeorge McCallum

As Ronald Reagan said, "Trust but verify."  The current administration is all too trusting, but without any verification.  Let's hope we can survive the next four years without too much long term damage or too many deaths.