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Tuesday, 30 June 2009
Anti-Israel Culture War of British Liberal Elites Is Not a Grassroots Movement

orExplaining the British-Led Culture War on Israel

by Peter C Glover (July 2009)

It's not just Hamas rockets that regularly strike Israeli interests these days. It is just as likely to be the long-range politicized 'ordnance' of British liberal elites, given the British Left's penchant for pursuing cultural boycotts against Israel.
Over the past few years the unions for British journalists, architects, doctors, even the Synod of the Church of England, have all sought boycott or censure motions against Israel. In 2007 British academics added themselves to the list - imposing a boycott of relations between British and Israeli universities at a conference of the British University and Colleges Union (UCU). more>>>
Posted on 06/30/2009 5:52 PM by NER
18 Apr 2012
Send an emailMelissa

"Flytilla," activists, organized by Arab-Islamic "Palestinians," and their "solidarity" movements [who call in Arabic to annihilate Jews] against Israel, whereby they single out Israel, and spread blatant lies about the 'only democracy in the M.E.' [Ignoring crimes against humanity [including crimes on civilians of both sides by Arab-Palestinians] and real apartheid in the Arab Muslim world, including "Palestine"]. A swastika drawn only days before Israel commemorated the Holocaust, exposed the 'real' hatred motivation.
It also comes as the racist apartheid regime of the Palestinian Authority prepares to execute Muhammad Abu Shahala for selling land to Jews, triggering comparison between the PA and the 'Third Reich,' with its Nazi Nuremberg laws.

18 Jul 2009
Peter T

I completely agree with what you say and I feel ashamed that these organisations  speak as if their comments are mine. They are not. But apart from not supporting them how do I, as an individual, contribute to ensuring that the reality of this biased and untruthful propaganda is spread far and wide amongst the populus.

10 Jul 2009
Send an emailMary Jackson

The British public is poorly informed about Israel - and indeed about much else. But anti-Semitism is largely found among well-heeled lefties. Lefties are very snobbish  - traditionally they hate the parvenu, who worked his way up by his hand, and worse still, his brains.

The other principal source of anti-Semitism is Islam. Muslims, to a man, are mindlessly anti-Israel. And if you're anti-Israel, you're anti-Semitic.

Your normal Englishman - and you are right not to count the largely  irredeemably leftist Celts - is not anti-Semitic at all.