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Tuesday, 30 June 2009
Dangerous Policy

by G. B. Singh (July 2009) 

Defeating Political Islam: The New Cold War (Hardcover)
by Moorthy S. Muthuswamy
Prometheus Books
(May 6, 2009) 

About two years ago, Major General (U.S. Army Ret.) Paul Vallely (Chairman, Stand Up America, US Project) introduced to me a piece of writing authored by a US-based Indian person, named Dr. Moorthy S. Muthuswamy. Reading that article convinced me to alert Gen. Vallely to keep a safe distance from this author. Lately a few of my friends asked me if I had read Dr. Muthuswamy’s latest book “Defeating Political Islam: The New Cold War.” Noting the reputable Prometheus Books as its publisher, and in addition, finding that the book pursues the doctrine of Cold War against Islam persuaded me to procure a copy despite my doubts of its author.  more>>>

Posted on 06/30/2009 5:55 PM by NER
24 Aug 2015
Send an emailBella
Dr. Singh, With great respect, I would like to thank you for showing us reality behind Dr. Moorthy's irrational views. Highly appreciated your review. Kind Regards, Bella

1 Sep 2009
bijay kumar

To Understand India and Hinduism, aspects of which clearly reflects in Mr Muthuswamy's doctrine, please go and read the following report


and the following      website

The report is the latest by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom August 2009, here are some excerpts from the report, the very pepetuators of violence against women take their inspirations from the likes of Modi whom Muthuswamy wants the west to support, i do not see any difference between  Muslim Taliban and the replacemnt that Muthuswamy is trying to sell to the west the Hindu Taliban.

From the report :

Hindu nationalist groups have been implicated in attacks against Hindus as well. In January 2009, about 40 members of the right-wing Hindu nationalist group, the Sri Ram Sena, attacked a group of women at a pub in Mangalore, Karnataka, on the premise that the women’s
behavior violated Hindu values.

more on report

Attacks on Christian churches and individuals, largely perpetrated by individuals associated with Hindu nationalist groups, continue to occur across the country, and perpetrators are rarely held to account. In December 2007 in Orissa’s Kandhamal district, violence between
Christians and Hindus resulted in several deaths, dozens of injuries, the destruction of at least 20 churches and hundreds of homes, and the displacement of hundreds, many from minority religious communities. According to reports by India’s National Commission for Minorities
(NCM), the tensions between the Christians, many of whom are from low-caste communities, and the Hindus, many of whom are from tribal communities, were well-known and longstanding.
According to Christian groups and news reports, the influential local VHP leader Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati played a central role in fomenting and encouraging the December 2007 violence against Christians.





More on repot

Nonetheless, several incidents of communal violence have occurred in various parts of the country, resulting in many deaths and mass displacements, particularly of members of the Christian and Muslim minorities,
including major incidents against Christian communities within the 2008-2009 reporting period. 1 Because the government’s response at the state and local levels has been found to be largel inadequate and the national government has failed to take effective measures to ensure the rights of religious minorities in several states, the Commission decided to place India on its Watch List
for 2009.

and if you have the apetite left go to


24 Jul 2009
GB Singh

I thank Vikram for writing his views. While expressing he wrote: "I dont agree that Casteism is Hinduism but ,something forced by the feudal lords with time. But, I beleive100% that feudal lords always helped the foreign rule or the rulers and that they were glove in hand with the rulers." Nowhere did I say "Casteism is Hinduism." The Caste and the entire system thaty supports it (the Caste System) is an integral part of Hinduism. Just read the Hindu scriptures. Obviously there is more stuff in Hinduism beyond the "confines of caste." But that in of?itself doesn't alter a bit about the evils of the caste system. ?

23 Jul 2009

this one is in response to GB Singh's comments.

 I think this one pleases all those who hate Islam by all means. Being a person from a country where Islamic terrorism is highly prevalent it is quite easy to have enimosity towards Islam. But, that anger should never blind our judgement. I mean anger and fight should be against the jihadi ideology - but not the persons.

Nowhere do we learn the role played by the upper-caste Hindus in thrusting the subcontinent into the hands of Islamic invaders:
this one I couldnt comment in detail, since my knowledge is limited. But, I reason that the strategies( maarrying rajput princess...) and secular outlook of Akbar  consolidated the Moghul's rule.
I dont agree that Casteism is Hinduism but ,something forced by the feudal lords with time. But, I beleive100% that feudal lords always helped the foreign rule or the rulers and that they were glove in hand with the rulers.


we learn nothing about the noxious role played by those Hindu leaders under the spell of Modern Hinduism...

it could be true, since Gandhi and his co never in their so called fight for independence  took india in the direction of secular democratic character. instead they worked on by appeasing the religions, they never tried to undo feudalism, except for a harsh hand by sardar vallabhai patel against the remaining local rulers( the kings only ,not the feudal lords). Bottomline, they entrenched the religious feelings of the masses. They never advocated  secularism and liberal society  practically. Instead they appeased the religious feelings with their own opportunism.

Blaming Islam for poverty in India? it is an exotic false arguement.

Anyone familiar with the Indian constitution and the realities on the ground in India would refrain from describing India as “secular” or even “democratic” as these terms are understood in the Western sense.

a very shocking revealation of the thing that we know but we dont know.

france deporting muslims? ridiculous!

Hindu mujahideens, if Hindus were of such a mentality, Islam might have disappeared from present India at the time of partition in 1947 .  So, it doesnt applies technically to assess whether different caste people fight as hindu mujahideens, when it itself  is not a reality.

one can quote recent accusations on Sadhvi Pragnya singh thakur! how many have empathised with her?

i dont support any grooming of Hindu fascism as i explained fight should be against the ideology.

for ex: In India govt sponsors the Madarasa(islamic religion teaching school), sponsors  trip to Haj with some expenses...etc... when india's main problem is population , India doesnt makes a rule restricting poulation for the fear of hurting religiou belief.

here i am trying to say that govt instead of sponsoring their religious activities should sponsor education etc... which will help them progress economically and practically. about population, beyond two kids probably the  govt should charge money for the third kid and save it with the government financial institution and return that money when the kid grows up or something like that. The point is that one who cant afford for the kid's basic rights like education, health, food and proper shelter should not have kids atleast beyond two kids. Since the money collected with the third kid will be saved for him only - we cant call it a tax.

technically it is not possible  as one has to collect the money after the baby is born... or stuff like that, but -intellectuals can work on it , if it makes sense.

why all this?

my point is that social backwardness of the muslims is to be fought for india's islamic terrorism  problem, and government shoul stop addressing them as muslims than indian citizens. I am trying to say that one's religion is one's personal.  as long as indian political parties treat them as muslims , who can be manouevered for getting into power using their votes, their religious identity will be strengthened and at one point it dominates the identity of their country and at that point they stop caring for the country...etc...etc...

the point is that, indian political leaders should stop addressing indians by their religion than as a citizen of inida.

. some people may say that educated people are also in Jihad. since the present Israel was created out of palestine , it will be a motivation for jihad for the islamic people concerned about palestine, either educated or uneducated.

i stop here.

8 Jul 2009
GB Singh

I am thankful to H. Singh for expressing views that are worthy of more explanation. With regard to the word “Hindu” let me say that this word is derogatory-in-nature and was pushed down the throats of the subcontinent’s residents by the invading Muslims beginning with their first attack against the Sind region. In all probability, the residents may have resisted it at the time but a certain unknown time they accepted and swallowed it.

Moving fast another thousand years: The British colonials tried to push another derogatory word “Gentoo” in attempting to replace the word “Hindu.” Surprisingly, the British failed in this pursuit. What perplexing problem has it been for me to notice that even among the educated Hindus there is hardly any conscious attempt to clean themselves of the foreign-pushed-tainted-labels hanging on their personal identity! Oddly they feel proud of being called “Hindus.” The idea of self-respect and honor are simply missing from their vocabulary. This is in spite of the fact that I have tried on numerous occasions to convince them to switch these identity labels in favor of something more respectful. Beyond being psychologically handicapped, the problem they face is that there is no suitable and acceptable word to replace “Hindu” with, which really is unfortunate. Similarly as is pointed out by H. Singh there are other areas of their cultural identities that have been permanently engraved by the Muslims.
The word “Hinduism” was coined by the British during the mid nineteenth century. We need to be extremely careful in trying to understand their history and belief systems. On my own personal level, I feel uncomfortable calling someone a “Hindu.” This is out of respect to those who deserve a better identity label. Similarly I am at odds with the word “Hinduism” even though I continue to use it. I wish there is a better and accurate alternative. 
G.B. Singh

6 Jul 2009
Send an emailH Singh

Dear Editor,

Much of the culture of upper-caste Hindus, including their language, music and arts are a learned Islamic product (encultured from Muslims). In fact, even the name “Hindu” itself.   The upper-caste Hindu India has emulated much of syntax and vocabulary of modern day Hindi (language of upper-caste Hindus) from Urdu (the language of Muslims).  

Ignoring the ignominious relation the upper-caste Hindus had with Muslims, Muthuswamy tries to hoodwink the history by redefining Hindus in his Hindu rendition.  

Muthuswamy further tries to deceive his readers by misinforming them about Sikhs by torting Sikh history in his new Hindu re-calculation. In saying- that Sikhs were organized to fight against Mughals he  deliberately ignores that upper-caste Hindus devoted to racism were aligned with Muslims against the social and political survival of Sikhs. Muthuswamy here tries to obliterate the historical reality of Hindu-Muslim alliance in collective exploitation of Sikhs.

Muthuswamy’s rendition is Ahistorical and unethical.  Its attempt is to deceive the readers about upper-caste Hindu India by hoodwinking their own historical record of racism and exploitation.

2 Jul 2009
GB Singh

I am glad to hear from Dr. Muthuswamy.

Over the years I have been accused of (or called by) many expressions: “CIA Agent,” “FBI Agent,” “American Agent,” “Anti-Gandhi,” “Anti-Hindu,” “Anti-India,” “Terrorist,” “Uneducated Military Man” and so forth. In the above response from Dr. Muthuswamy, I am being honored with an additional coloration: He has called me an ally of “Pakistani and Middle Eastern associates.” My only consolation is that all these accusations (incidentally, none of them are true) spring from my own brothers: caste-Hindus. Who else would be more generous to me? 
Let me emphasize that the very thrust of Muthuswamy’s book is his arguments to push for his policy recommendations dealing with political Islam. Obviously in my review I have expressed my disagreement with him. I am not alone here. Steven Emerson who wrote the foreword to Muthuswamy’s book has also strongly disagreed with the policy recommendations. May I ask you: When was the last time you read a serious book in which the author of the foreword disagreed with the book’s main thrust?
In his response, Dr. Muthuswamy mentions of the “U.S. Military-Indian Military” potential alliance to neutralize the political Islam, and how I have undermined this. Here is another example of his bizarre knee-jerk reaction without any evidence. I surely don’t recall him mentioning this policy recommendation in the book.
G.B. Singh

1 Jul 2009
M. Muthuswamy

It’s good to know that Mr. Singh agreed with my “assessment on the nature of political Islam and its underlying doctrine consisting of the Islamic trilogy--the Quran, Hadith, and the Sira.”

However, it’s disappointing to note that Mr. Singh (to the best of my knowledge) hasn’t published any scholarly article on the implications of his thought process on Islam or political Islam. Had he done that he would be in a better position to understand and appreciate the thrust of my book.

Unlike Singh, those who have published on battling political Islam have a very different take on my book. Syndicated columnist Diana West in her column: “[The book has] some excellent new, concrete ideas about fighting global jihad.”

Two scholars who frequently contribute here, Dr. Andrew Bostom and Mr. Bill Warner have not only read my book, but have enthusiastically endorsed it.

It’s illuminating to talk a bit about Singh’s background.

The thrust of Singh’s past work (including a series of lectures he has delivered to the United States military officers – he was formerly dentist with the US army) has focused not on Islamic threat to the world, but on Hindu (including Hindu nuclear threat) and India’s threat to the world, while almost completely ignoring how Pakistan has evolved into being a strategic threat to the United States.

There is no question that Singh’s efforts have undermined American military from developing closer relations with the Indian military -- with which America needs to work closely and strategically in order to defeat political Islam and secure Americans. Looking at the evolution of Pakistan and India, one has to say that Mr. Singh bases his perceptions not on data or reality. There is a tremendous disconnect on the part of Singh here.

The largely Hindu-majority India has made strides, because whatever shortcomings of Hindu religion are, it has at least allowed its followers to seek out and embrace new knowledge. As for Pakistan and its majority Muslim religion, less is said, the better it is. Still, Mr. Singh would only talk of the entire Hindu population in India (85%) under slavery and not say anything about Muslims there! Another disconnect on the part of Singh here. He clearly has an agenda and wants to superpose one through this “review.”

Mr. Singh’s (implied) personal attacks on me are rather unfortunate and unworthy of a scholarly review.

Finally, I would like to wish Mr. Singh and his close Pakistani and Middle Eastern associates well. As the prophet Mohammed himself once implied: team work is a must to defeat those damn infidels!

1 Jul 2009
G.B. Singh

Dear Pablo,

You seems to experiencing some sort of reading comprehension problem. Nowhere did I say "...Hindu extremism is as bad as Muslim extremism." 



1 Jul 2009

GB Singh

Your comment saying that Hindu extremism is as bad as Muslim extremism. I googled you and found that you used to be in the American army. It wasn't Hindus who flew planes into the twin towers and are constantly attempting to murder thousands of innocent people in the West and launch imperial missions to make people submit to Islam.

1 Jul 2009
GB Singh

Dear Editor,

I express my thanks to Gopal Das and Pablo for writing their views. I hold no grudge, bias or any animosity against Dr. Muthuswamy. I merely disagree with his prescribed dangerous courses of actions and him pushing a pseudo-history.
Pablo has made some strange comments that have no bearing on my review. Whether Islamic extremism is more virulent than its Hindu counterpart or vice versa is not the subject of my review. Please read my review carefully. I surely would love to hear by what criteria Pablo addresses India as “liberal democracy”?
G, B. Singh

1 Jul 2009

Hindu extremists in India certainly are a threat to liberal democracy. However, for the author to claim that it is in the same class as Muslim extremism is rank idiocy. Hindu extremism is mediated by the democratic structure of India, a growing civil society, and it has no activism outside India (and considering the Hindu extremist parties were routed in the most recent general election in India, it has a smaller constituency than some claim)

I detest Hindu extremists. However, no Hindu is ever going to blow up innocents on London buses or trains, and no Hindu is ever going to try and convert people to a medieval creed in the way that Islam creeps in Britain into sharia claims and terrorist violence. This suggests a lack of perspective by the author of this review that is off the scale.

30 Jun 2009
Gopal Das

This review seems to be driven by some personal biases and animosities against Dr Moorthy Muthuswamy, rather than a critical analysis of the book.  Many of MM's prescriptions are hard to implement, but that does not invalidate them.  GB Singh's excessive obsession with the "caste system" and the perceived unreliability of "upper-caste Hindus" does not wash. 

I'm amazed that New English Review publishes such drivel -- it causes readers to cast doubts on the veracity of other articles published on your website. In all fairness, MM should be allowed to reply to GB Singh's rantings -- it can only dignify what passes for GBS's "review".