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Sunday, 26 July 2009
Dozens of Nigerian pro-Taliban Islamists killed after police station raid

From The Telegraph
Clashes between police and a pro-Taliban Islamist sect in northern Nigeria left as many as 42 people dead on Sunday.
Around 70 fighters from the fundamentalist group armed with guns and grenades attacked a police station in Nigeria's northern Bauchi state early on Sunday, but retreated after officers opened fire.
"Our men succeeded in repelling the dawn attack by the Taliban," Mohammed Barau, Bauchi state police spokesman, told AFP, adding that it appeared the assailants "wanted to steal weapons from the police station".
The Nigerian Taliban is inspired by the Afghan militia but has no known direct connection.
The group is made up of former students who want hardline Islamic sharia to be the dominant legal system across all of Nigeria.
A member of the gang who was wounded during the initial attack on the police station told Reuters the group wanted to "clean the (Nigerian) system which is polluted by Western education and uphold sharia all over the country."
"The police has been [sic] arresting our leaders that is why we decided to retaliate," said the man, who gave his name only as Abdullah.
The north of the country is majority Muslim, and has progressively ushered in a stricter enforcement of Islamic law since 2000.
But this has resulted in increasing tensions with Christians, including in Bauchi where five people died during religious clashes in February.
A Muslim mob attacked Christians and burnt churches in reprisals over the burning of two mosques, which Muslims blamed on Christians.

Posted on 07/26/2009 12:24 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
27 Jul 2009
Alan R


 Update on Nigeria's Islamic Jihad 'Taliban':

26 Jul 2009

Thank you Esmerelda,

As a newcomer to this site, and living in a sheltered corner of Canada where three or four lapsed Muslims can be seen at the golf course, I rarely read this kind of material in the headlines. I mean the entire spectrum of these exquisite essays and short stories, although yours is quite gripping and succinct.

This is investigative reporting with both depth and finesse, and I believe these darker shades of gray will highlight not only my good fortune to be living in a peaceful part of the world, but also my need for a continuous education while images of 9/11 haunt me still.

This amazing grandfather would think we are human beings with supernatural powers. 

And NER is using them wisely.

Un gros merci.  

26 Jul 2009
Alan R


Useful site for historical reference:

"History of Jihad against Nigeria, Mauritania, Chad, Kenya,

Uganda, Tanzania and Central Africa"