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Thursday, 30 July 2009
Asian man who called policemen 'white redneck hooligans' is guilty of racism

From The Telegraph
Hassan Butt, 29,  
who called police officers "white redneck hooligans" has been found guilty of making racist remarks.

Butt, who once admitted having claimed he was a terrorist to make money from the media, was convicted of committing a racially aggravated public order offence by District Judge Diana Baker at Manchester Magistrates Court.
He made the remarks after police arrested his brother, dentist Omer Butt, in a row over parking. Pc Christian Allanson overheard Butt say loudly into his mobile phone: "'I'm just here with these white redneck hooligans'."
He told the court Butt also said: "'Where's my brother, you're not the Gestapo'."
Pc Allanson said: " . .  due to the fact we were white police officers. I believe it was a very offensive comment."
Butt also taunted officers by asking if they were BNP members . . . He also asked officers who arrested and searched him: "Do you like feeling Pakis up?"
Judge Baker told him: "You demonstrated towards the officers hostility based on their membership of a racial group. . . I take seriously any form of racist abuse and feel the courts must strive to protect people."
The little specimen was fined and ordered to pay costs.


Posted on 07/30/2009 1:15 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
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