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Thursday, 30 July 2009
Taliban murder Pakistani tribal elder

From the Daily Times in Pakistan:

SHANGLA: Suspected Taliban stormed the house of a pro-government elder in Shangla and killed him on Wednesday, local police said.

The lashkar leader, Khalilur Rehman, was killed when more than 50 Taliban raided his residence. Khalil’s son and two others were injured in the attack, police officials said, adding that two assailants were also killed in when security forces engaged the assailants.

District Police Officer Gul Wali said the lashkar leader was related to Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid NWFP President Amir Muqaam.

“Early on Wednesday, suspected Taliban opened indiscriminate fire in Chogha village and later they stormed into the house of Khalil Khan, killing him and wounding his son and two other relatives,” family members were quoted as saying.

Khalil, 60, formed a private tribal lashkar and used to provide logistic support to groups fighting the Taliban, residents told AFP. The injured were taken to hospital in Khwazakhela in Swat by a military chopper.

According to locals, the Taliban have set up their headquarters in the area close to the border with Swat and Buner districts and use it as a launching pad for attacks on security forces in Swat.

Here is a previous story from January 4, 2006, in which then-Governor Khalilur Rehman proposed increased U.S.-funding of schools in the Waziristan region, even though those schools were "breeding ground[s]" for pro-Taliban students who were fighting U.S. troops.

I think it's fair to say that his theory, shared by then-National Security Advisor Steve Hadley, that emphasizing education would help "change the mindset" of jihadis in the NWFP of Pakistan, has been proven wrong.  One might even say definitively.

Posted on 07/30/2009 5:04 PM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
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