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Friday, 31 July 2009
?Bill of Rights? in the Constitution of India

by G. B. Singh (August 2009)


Many admirers of India often go out of the way to depict India as the "world's largest democracy" and a "secular" state, which through its constitution guarantees fundamental human rights to all Indians -- the implication being that such rights are in practice as a matter of routine. Yet, dismaying as it may seem, I have never come across any piece of written information analyzing the Indian Constitution itself, let alone all those enshrined fundamental rights that it guarantees to its citizens. Coupled with aggressive Soviet-style "active measures" channeled by the Indian government, several intellectuals outside India have fallen prey to the media hype. Included on this list are the key members of US Department of State who upon my inquiry a number of years ago hadn’t even seen what the Constitution of India looked like, let alone read it! more>>>
Posted on 07/31/2009 5:57 PM by NER
24 Aug 2009
GB Singh

Dear Ramesh,

Thank you for your input. I must confess it has been a few years since I read the US Constitution. I surely don't remember reading that President is the head of the State. As I recall, President is the head of the Executive Branch of the US Government.

As far as the Govt. of India Act of 1935 goes, you are correct pointing the overlaps. However, we need to be careful here: We need more critical evaluation on this topic.  


23 Aug 2009
Send an emailRamesh Raghuvanshi

Indian constitution is not India made.It is fully copy of British 1935 actwhich made for rule of Indian under British government. After Independent this act was modified, taking some part of U.S. constitution, as  a President  head of state.Remaing part is dotto copy of act of 1935.

Constitution maker did not consider the culture,diverse languages of India,their customs, their way of life. This constitution is imposed on Indian people.So it is not working smoothly,politicans using it just rutual of Indian way.

1 Aug 2009
Norman Berdichevsky

Thank you for a brilliant exposition about a very  important topic about which not one American in a million has any knowledge whatsoever! It makes abundantly clear how unique a document guranteeing fundamental INDIVIDUAL rights the American constitution is. It also should be a clarion call to defend those rights against the encroachment of multiculturalism, "affirmative action" and all the rest of the pandering to important electoral segments of the population by race, religion and ethnicity.

1 Aug 2009
Sardar K. Barah Bajgaye
People say Indian constitution was written by Dr. Ambedkar, an untouchable, but G.B.Singh has exposed the savage truth about this. I urge him to investigate more about this "democracy". Thank you, Singhji! Yours truly, Sardar K. Barah Bajgaye