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Friday, 11 September 2009
Violence from defenders of Harrow Mosque

Or as the Harrow Times tries to spin it -Anti-mosque protesters chased out of Wealdstone
HOARDS of rampaging young Asian men chased a small group of men through the civic centre car park after they apparently came to protest against Harrow Central Mosque.
Hundreds of people had gathered in Station Road, united against any protest against the mosque, and determined to protect their religion.
When the small group of men arrived, chanting from the crowd turned to anger and groups of protesters, some armed with sticks, broke ranks and began to chase the men.
The men, who had arrived at Harrow and Wealdstone station to head down to the mosque, quickly turned and ran through the car park when faced by the hostile crowd, hotly pursued by the protesters.
Police tackled the protesters on the edge of the civic centre car park, stopping them catching up with the group of men, and a short stand-off ensued between officers and the marauding protesters.
They were eventually coaxed into returning to the mosque, as hundreds spilled into Station Road, forcing police to shut it down.
The protesters are continuing to block the road, waving banners and placards and chanting, as a police helicopter circles overhead.
Cops have formed three lines blocking the protesters from leaving Station Road. More follows.
Young Asian men, angry and armed with sticks. Where have I seen that before?
A comment from one 'Saracen' gloating about the 'HELL OF A BEATING' given to the SIOE. Update - before I could copy the increasingly lengthy comment stream to save for future reference the posts were deleted. Botheration.
The BBC London news wasn't much better - the best they could do was harangue Stephen Gash because he would not meekly agree that a protest outside a Mosque on a Friday in Ramadan was inflammatory.

Posted on 09/11/2009 12:02 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
11 Sep 2009

 Looks as though mosque = wasps' nest.  As Mr McCallum notes: the SIOE people need numbers. and sticks of their own. They know now that a protest of this kind will be met by 'hundreds' of marauding Mohammedan males.  So next time, SIOE - and other groups such as the EDL, will need to muster at least a thousand people.  They will *have* to have equal or superior numbers of ablebodied males and they *have* to have a plan, or a series of contingency plans, for what they will do if faced with violent Mohammedan males by the hundreds (Mohammedan males who *will* fight dirty). 

One good point: this has exposed in public just how hairtrigger violent the Ummah is, and its 'swarming' method of attack.

PS - Is there anyone in England who still knows how to use the quarterstaff the way that Robin Hood and Little John did?  Now *there's* a traditional English skill that might be worth reviving.

11 Sep 2009
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Sounds like things are coming to a head quickly.  The next time, the SIOE members are likely to have sticks and weapons of their own, along with a larger group.