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Friday, 11 September 2009
Muslims in police clash at Harrow mosque.

Even the BBC has no option but to report on the violence displayed by Muslim youths on the streets of Harrow tonight.
Eight people have been arrested during a demonstration outside a mosque in north-west London where an anti-Islamic protest was planned.
Bricks, bottles and firecrackers were thrown at police officers who are present in riot gear at the scene.
Hundreds of youths, some covering their faces with scarves, are still in the area and there are small skirmishes with police as some demonstrators break the police cordon.
Stop Islamification of Europe (SIOE) said they planned a "peaceful protest" against the building of a new five-storey mosque next to the Harrow Central Mosque.
But in a message on their website SIOE said the protest had been called off and organiser Stephen Gash had been arrested.
The posting read: "If you are on your way to the demo, don't go, it's being called off right now. The police can't handle the Muslim counter-demonstrators. The senior sergeant said that he doesn't want any of his policemen killed."
Seven people were arrested for possession of offensive weapons including a hammer, a chisel and bottles of bleach. Police believe these arrests were not linked to the SIOE protest.
Another person was arrested to prevent a breach of the peace, police said.
Police also stopped a number of people, who they believed were heading for the anti-Islamist protest, from getting to the protest area.
"If the SIOE demonstration started it would have resulted in serious disorder," a statement from police said.
Sky News says
Rocks were thrown at officers and there were a number of skirmishes in an area between the Harrow Central Mosque, and Harrow and Wealdstone tube station.
The trouble began when around 1,600 anti-fascists turned up at the site - where a new five-floor mosque is under construction.
The Stop Islamification Of Europe group had received permission to hold a two-hour protest there.
The Unite Against Fascism group also organised a demonstration in response to show solidarity for the mosque. Some then clashed with the Metropolitan Police after trying to chase off around a dozen SIOE supporters.
There was further trouble when a group of around 250 Asian youths, throwing rocks and sticks and pushing a wheelie bin, later tried to charge officers.
Channel 4 News reports and has a video. 
Young Muslim men clash with police in Harrow after gathering to confront an anti-islamist organisation which had threatened to hold a demonstration outside a new mosque.
And the Daily Mail has a picture which says it all. Peace and love.

Posted on 09/11/2009 2:25 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
12 Sep 2009
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These damned rightwing extremist fanatics are so dangerous and cunning that they can even cause a riot by not turning up at a demonstration.

Perhaps Derren Brown is really behind all this, to distract attention from his disappointing lottery trick.

12 Sep 2009

Associated Press'  inversion of reality here:

12 Sep 2009

The whole distortion of truth here, labeling the real fascists and pro-fascists as "anti-fascists" beggars belief, but it's not unexpected at all, if one considers how far Britain's dhimmi political elites have gone in their efforts to appease the mahoundian scum, hell-bent as always on replacing democracy and human rights with sharia law and 7th-Century inbred bedouin savage barbarism.

Every time a mainstream media outlet describes pro-democracy, pro-human rights and pro-one-law-for-all activists as "far-right fascists", they should be forced to publish New English Review's Essay Middle East, Islam and Fascism by Ibn Warraq as a disclaimer warning readers that referring to the true anti-fascists as "far-right protesters" is being done solely as an opinion piece and NOT as a report based on hard facts.

12 Sep 2009

"The Unite Against Fascism group also organised a demonstration in response to show solidarity for the mosque."

I did start to think how curious that an anti-fascist organisation should want to be supporting those in Islam who are fascists of the very worst kind, but then I remembered the answer to many confusions in the west:

The useful idiots of the left are at it again.