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Sunday, 13 September 2009
Do not be scared of the police or the cameras

Video of the Sept. 11 protests around the Harrow mosque, presumably taken by a Muslim participant.  Thanks to Alan, and Gates of Vienna:

Partial transcript (starting at the 0:50 mark):

My brothers, remain in your ranks.  Do not be scared of these filthy kufar.  They are pigs!  Allah says they are pigs!  Allah says they are worse than pigs.  Allah says they are worse than cattle.   Worse than cattle.  Don't be scared of them.  Yeah?  You don't turn your back to them. [ie. don't run]  You are ...[interjection: "F..king kufar!"]...fought way worse than them.  Don't be scared of them, do not be scared of the police or the cameras.  You are here only to please Allah.  You are not here for any other reason.  If you are here just for a prank leave our ranks.  We only want those who are sincere to Allah.  Purify your intention.

Does this sound like a Martin Luther King speaking to non-violent protesters of apartheid, or a general rallying his troops into battle?  We're supposed to believe these were the innocent, passive victims of 'fascist' non-Muslim demonstrators, and not the fully intentioned fascist combatants going into battle against the filthy kufar?

* Update: Thanks to Stephena, I have updated the transcript.

Posted on 09/13/2009 5:05 PM by Artemis Gordon Glidden
15 Sep 2009
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 Wish you would cross post your balanced reports here

14 Sep 2009
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Thank you for this transcript. As I listened while reading I thought I heard 'worse than pigs, worse than cattle'

Though there were Arab words scattered in there it could have been something else, but maybe just 'cattle'

Either way, how hateful are we to notice these things? Shame on us.

The SAS has better things to do at home than in Libya, I feel.