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Wednesday, 30 September 2009
Opposing Islamization

by Rebecca Bynum (October 2009)

Remarks given at the launch of “Stop Islamization of America” in Washington, DC., Rayburn Building, Sept. 25, 2009
Washington DC., like other cities across America, is filled with people who claim to respect Islam and yet you will find very few who actually take Islam seriously. Among our leaders, very few have taken the time to study Islamic doctrine, or to ponder the sermons of the imams and mullahs delivered both here and abroad, and fewer still show any awareness of the extensive writings of modern Islamic theorists about how they view Islam’s role in the modern world. Simply showing up at interfaith dialogues or an open house at the mosque is not a sign of respect but of condescension and smacks of intellectual cowardice.  more>>>
Posted on 09/30/2009 5:40 PM by NER
24 Oct 2010

 I am not a writer, nor a scholar, or a cleric, just an ordinary free thinker. After reading some of your articles, I felt I needed to comment as I see a lot of deception and misconception.

There are the ones that have knowledge and know they have it, that is wisdom. And there are the ones that don't have knowledge and think they do.... I will let you decide what to call it.

We talk about Islam as if it is something free in space. I can almost assure you that 80% of the world population are Muslims by birth and nature, and without even knowing it. Islam or Muslim is not a title that belongs to group of people over another, or one culture over another, or even one country over another.  

Anyone and I mean anyone regardless of origin, faith, color, culture, that has a firm belief in the existence of a Creator and there is a day when every living thing will summon in front of the Creator is a MUSLIM by default, whether we like it or not, or whether we comprehend it or not.

Islamization? is what people see in the phenomenon, which can be understood by sociology. There is no need for a new Islam, but there is a need for a new Islamization, because Islamization is bounded by history and geography.

When organized religion is in control of the masses, we can see why people are mislead to believe what they believe. Deception and misconception is the name of the game..... 

18 Jun 2010

RE:  "Islam should not be classified as a religion because Islam is more than a system of thought - it is a social, judicial and political system as well."

That is why mosques are in violation of RLUIPA (Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act).  Mosques are also in violation of the "conditional use(s)" of RLUIPA and must be denied religious land use rights.   Just one legal case proving as such or a change made to the federal law by Congress and the Senate would change the course of American history.


6 Oct 2009
Send an emailwolfgang zernik

 I agree with your article but you would have to agree that this is still a minority opinion.  Given that, you should gather together as many supporters as you can .  Recently you fired John Derbyshire because you felt he was too pro Islam. I am reading his new book which you also reviewed and it seems clear to me that his views are not really very different from yours. So please bring John back. He is a fine and ifluential wrter and his presence wil strengthen

Wolfgang Zernik, Doylestown PA