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Wednesday, 30 September 2009
Why Did Muslims Choose Capitol Hill to Pray to Allah?

by Mohammad Asghar (October 2009)

The Capitol grounds in Washington, D.C. is the center of the United States’ legislative branch of government. It is known as Congress, which consists of two parts: the House of Representatives, and the Senate. This Congress makes laws and studies problems that affect the well being of the American nation. In other words, it is a vital and effective organ of the American government. Abolish or cripple the Congress, there will be no democratic government in the United States.  more>>>

Posted on 09/30/2009 5:41 PM by NER
6 Jan 2010

Mr Asghar,

Based on the article you have written, I can conclude one of three things as possible...If you were ever actually Muslim then you practiced a parochial form of Islam or your knowledge of Islam was very limited or you are just plain lying. Your article is well written so I don't believe the second option is true. Either way, anyone doing even a little bit of their own research will realize that your article is filled with flaws. Those who would take your article at face value were already convinced that your words were true.

In all honesty, I pity you. The hate-mongering you are responsible for will be its own reward.