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Saturday, 31 October 2009
Keep Your Hair On, Geert

by Mary Jackson (November 2009) 

t is not often that I disagree with Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders. His analysis of Islam is astute, and his appreciation of its dangers for the West unrivalled among politicians. His courage and self-sacrifice are an example to us all: Wilders remains steadfast against threats from Muslim assassins and, despicably, from the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. His banning from Britain, under the then Home Secretary and always preposterous Jacqui Smith, was an act of witless, gutless appeasement. In the face of such moral idiocy, his patience is astonishing. If he tires of being branded “far right” and “racist”, the mantra that shuts down all debate, he never shows it but persistently, calmly states his case. His quarrel is not with individual Muslims, still less does he hate them, but with the totalitarian, Fascist ideology of Islam. His struggle is truly heroic, and I long for an English Geert Wilders. more>>>
Posted on 10/31/2009 4:26 PM by NER
22 Nov 2009
Kim Bruce

I agree wholeheartedly with Mary.

I think that a tax on headcarves is silly and Mary's suggestions make much more sense. Another of Geert's suggestions to ban the Koran does not make sense to me as this is a violation of free speech. Adolf Hitler's book, "Mein Kampf" wasn't banned in the rest of the world and it makes good reading for those interested in searching the mind of a psychopath. Banning the Koran would serve no useful pupose and we would not have access to the evils of Islamic ideology with which to fight back with.

I enjoy reading the Koran, Hadisths, Sira, etc. just to discover new quotes to bring out the sociopathic nature of the prophet of doom.

31 Oct 2009
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Has anyone written a book exploring the mentalities, the development of beliefs, of these intellectual ghouls?

Clearly, significant members of our current goverment administration, demonstrate soulessness approaching that described in the essay. Insane coddling of our enemies and calumny heaped on our allies -- sociopathic and psychopathic, still cheered by half of our voting citizenry.

Eradication of one scapegoat demands definition of another scapegoat. Father Niemoeller told us that a long time ago. We're still not listening with our hearts and fists. Perhaps we will when we hear American children screaming in terror and death throes.