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Saturday, 31 October 2009
Islam Would Die Without Jihad

by Mohammad Asghar (November 2009)

Many people have written books, treatises and articles for the purpose of defining the role that jihad is supposed to play in the lives of Muslims. Most writers have tried, in their own ways, to come up with the “true” meaning of this word, while others took circuitous routes to try to make us believe that Islam means peace, and that peace is also the purpose for which, Allah has made jihad an integral and essential part of Islam. more>>>

Posted on 10/31/2009 4:37 PM by NER
14 Jun 2014
Sounds to me like you are a sex starved immature fool! God is love! Not death, murder, robbery or intolerance. Islam will die once the depravity of its founder imposter prophet are exposed & understood. If you think that God is war, plunder & subjugation, then u need to understand u have been tricked into following Satan himself! Think about it, do you really think a God of love wants man to treat man the way u have described? Go get laid!

16 Sep 2010
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21 Nov 2009
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 the Qurran had been always in the core of the Arab GREATEST ever conquest , The Jihad verses is the second level of war , the first is peace , at that time they use to negotiate (if the peace fail) they fight  .

17 Nov 2009
Berel Dov Lerner

Here is a question worth thinking about: As a matter of historical fact  (rather than literal Koranic imperative) has Islam only flourished while pursuing violent jihad?

31 Oct 2009
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" Muhammad, the best and the greatest prophet to have ever walked the earth!"

I hope he is roasting in Hell.