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Sunday, 1 November 2009
A Wide-Ranging Interview with Erick Stakelbeck of CBN

by Jerry Gordon (November 2009)

Erick Stakelbeck is the on-air correspondent on terrorism and national security affairs in the Washington, DC bureau of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). Stakelbeck is one of the few who, by dint of education and experience, knows the threat of Islamization in America and Israel.  He didn’t start out his journalistic career after graduating college in the late 1990’s with that in mind.  Prior to the watershed 9/11 date, Stakelbeck, a Philadelphia native, former high school and college basketball player, was bent on a sportswriting career and ended up covering the NBA for a publication in New York
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Posted on 11/01/2009 4:29 PM by NER
26 Oct 2010
Anne Baldwin

Stakelbeck: "I was outraged, angered, saddened, dismayed--you name it--in the aftermath of 9/11. I felt a burning desire to do something to help in the fight against these Islamist barbarians . . . ."

So naturally Stakelbeck enlisted in the US Army and went to fight these "Islamist barabarians."


Oh, right.  He chose to become a shill, a money-making shill no doubt, for that growth industry called bashing Islam.

15 Sep 2010
Send an emailsteve har

 Sorry to read this interview with Erick Stakbalk.

The departure point of this article is all wrong in my view.

-Christians become Christianists when they advocate neo-conservative foreign policy

-CBN has no business hiring  "terriorism" experts any more than Fox Network has a "fair and balanced" news department.

I think you generate noisy propaganda not useful wisdom or wise council.   

You are entitled to your opinions of course but not my enthusiasm for your point of view or the ideas you advocacy.