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Wednesday, 4 November 2009
Five soldiers killed by policeman in Afghanistan

Three Grenadier Guards and two Royal Military Police were attacked as they rested inside a compound.
The soldiers, who had removed their body armour and helmets, were shot by an Afghan national policeman who then fled. It is not known whether he was a member of the Taliban or being coerced by the insurgents.
The gunman is thought to go by the name Gulbuddin and is believed to have had an accomplice.
There are also suggestions that he had animosity towards his superiors after being repeatedly moved around the country as part of his duties.
He is now being hunted by British soldiers on the ground, thought to include special forces.
Peter Galbraith, who left his post as deputy head of the UN mission in Afghanistan amid disagreements over the presidential elections, said it was "not surprising" that the Afghan police had been infiltrated by the Taliban.
He said: "They wanted to get more police boots on the ground in advance of the elections so there was a real rush to recruit an additional 10,000 police, particularly in the south, particularly in Kandahar and Helmand provinces.
"So it is not totally surprising that people were recruited who may have had Taliban sympathies or were infiltrated into the police by the Taliban."
Two Afghan police are also believed to have been killed.
We are at war in Afghanistan. The enemy is treacherous and devious as this and other incidents like it show.
Why do we have so many Afghans living in the UK, especially in London where they are largely, at least to the infidel eye, indisinguishible from Pakistanis?
If we are to fight a war the country needs to go on a war footing - deportation and internment.
If we are not going to fight it properly, giving our men and women in the front line support and equipment and everything else they need, we should withdraw and concentrate on our borders.

Posted on 11/04/2009 3:01 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
4 Nov 2009
Alan R


'Daily Mail':

"'Let spies fight war on terror': Labour split as ex-minister urges pull-out in Afghanistan"

4 Nov 2009
Alan R


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"Afghanistan: 'Rogue policemen' murder five British soldiers"