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Friday, 13 November 2009
Where the bat sucks...

Everyone's at it. Is this an enthusiasm that should be curbed? The Telegraph reports on pteropodidic ptonguing: 

Fruit bats regularly engage in oral sex, according to groundbreaking new research published in Science magazine.

The study found that more than two-thirds of female short-nosed fruit bats (Cynopterus sphinx) performed fellatio on their sexual partners, and that they were rewarded with longer bouts of intercourse as a result.

Previously, the only animals known to carry out oral sex – apart from humans – were bonobo chimpanzees.

However, the study, by Libiao Zhang and his team of biologists from Guangdong Entomological Institute in China, found that female bats were enthusiastic fellators, with 70 per cent performing oral sex on their mate during intercourse.

Science magazine reported: “Both sexes groomed each other during courtship. But then came the shocker.

“After the male mounted the female from behind, she bent over and began licking his penis.”

The research found that the longer a female licked for, the longer the intercourse: on average, a second of fellatio gained six seconds of intercourse. On average, mating lasted four minutes for fellators, twice the average of non-fellating females.

Better stop that, or you'll go blind.

Posted on 11/13/2009 7:46 AM by Mary Jackson
13 Nov 2009

A second of fellatio followed by six seconds of intercourse?

Sounds about right.

13 Nov 2009
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13 Nov 2009
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Don't Chinese researchers have anything better to do? Confucius say: This is infra dig.