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Tuesday, 17 November 2009
Albanian "terrorist" caught with bomb-making materials in his home, court hears

From The Telegraph
An alleged Albanian terrorist was in the middle of downloading a video showing how to make a suicide vest when police raided his home, a court has heard.
Krenar Lusha also had 14 mobile phones and a video on his laptop called “mobile detonators” that showed how to turn a mobile phone into a bomb trigger.
He had a video on his computer called “car bomb recognition guide,” that included diagrams showing how to blow up petrol with a shotgun cartridge.
In his cellar police found 71.8 litres (15.8 gallons) of petrol, along with two kilogrammes (4.4 lbs) of potassium nitrate, one of the ingredients of gunpowder, in his bedroom, and a shotgun cartridge in his lounge, the court was told.
Lusha, 30, had described himself as a “terrorist” and a “sniper” in conversations on the internet, Preston Crown Court heard.
He was asleep in bed when police raided his home in Derby on August 26 last year but a laptop was connected to the internet and material was visibly being downloaded.
A total of three computers were found in his home and police discovered gruesome footage on the hard drives of live beheadings by extreme Islamic groups.
There were also a number of video clips by groups fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Chechnya that included exerts of US military vehicles and personnel being blown up and of US soldiers being shot.
Documents on his computers included the Car Bomb Recognition Guide, Middle Eastern Terrorist Bomb Design, Improvised Radio Detonation Techniques and The Mujahedeen Explosives Handbook. 
Mr Godsmark said. "During some of that conversation (with girls on MSN - chat up lines must have changed radically since my day - the best I ever got was come up and see my ammonites. The worst was a chap who was an enthusiast of the novels of Sven Hassel. He didn't get a second date. )  he described himself as a terrorist, that he was a sniper, that he loved to see Jews and Americans killed, and to watch his videos of the killings of US soldiers.
"In short he made his sympathies plain and they were with violent fundamentalist Islam."

Lusha denies 10 counts of possessing articles which give rise to a reasonable suspicion that they were for a terror-related purpose. 

Posted on 11/17/2009 2:35 PM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
17 Nov 2009

 Ah yes, a house full of all the sacred ritual objects that appear to be de rigueur today for the truly pious worshippers of allah the Arab god of blood and war: the devotional videos featuring explosions and ritual human sacrifice by beheading of actual live bound Infidel captives; the DIY video for suicide vest, bomb trigger, petrol bomb; petrol, potassium nitrate, and multiple mobile phones to be made into detonators.   This reminds me of that other idiot, a convert to Islam, who was found to have a suicide vest hanging up in his bedroom, and a cake tin full of home-made explosives in his kitchen.  

I bet his neighbours (if they're not Muslim) and his landlord (if not Muslim) are feeling glad he's been busted; what if he accidentally dropped a match while fooling around with his petrol stash?

Contrast and compare with what one is likely to find in the house of a devout  practising Christian, or a devout Jew, or a Buddhist, or a Hindu.  Sacred scripture, holy lights, perhaps (Catholic, Orthodox, Hindu, Buddhist) pictures and/ or statues and/ or icons and maybe flowers. Depending on the country, of course, one *might* also find - safely stored according to local regulations, and properly registered - a thoroughly secular shotgun for dealing with burglars or, in the countryside, vermin.  

But not this extraordinary array of nasty stuff.