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Wednesday, 18 November 2009
Barcelona?s metro system was an intended target for Islamist cell

From The Barcelona Reporter
In his statement, the witness identified in the indictment as F1, explained he came to Spain from France on 15 January 2008, with instructions to meet with Maroof Ahmed Mirza at a mosque in Barcelona.
It has been confirmed that Barcelona’s metro system was an intended target for Islamist cell.
The protected witness, whose betrayal led to the arrest in January 2008 of 11 alleged members of an Islamist cell allegedly planning to bomb the subway in Barcelona, has reiterated that the cell was planning an terrorist attack in Barcelona. He was gave evidence on Monday in the trial taking place against them in the High Court.
In his statement, which corroborates the version recorded by the prosecutor in its provisional conclusions, he explained that the plan was that he and another defendant, Imran Cheema, would take the subway with "in jacket pockets full of explosive ordnance, and that someone else would blow them up from the platform".
The witness said that the attack would take place on 19 January 2008, but he has failed to specify at what time, although the devices were to be produced on the night of Friday 18, the day the accused were arrested when they were in a mosque in which members of the group they belong to used to hold meetings all weekend.
As he explained, this first attack would be claimed by the organization Tehrik-Taliban Pakistan-whose actions are framed in this attack, it would make a series of "demands" and that if these demands were not met, a "second team would "undertake other attacks in Germany, Portugal, France and the UK.
At that time he "cracked" and decided that he "had to end it", so he went to the bathroom, turned on his phone because he was not allowed to do it where everyone was gathered, and called a friend who was a policeman in France, and divulged the plan to the police which included bombing plans that were in progress.
The friend who is a French policeman intrigues me but I doubt we will hear more of him as the trial proceeds.

Posted on 11/18/2009 2:27 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
18 Nov 2009
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