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Saturday, 21 November 2009
Endemic Corruption And Bad Government In Muslim Africa

As long as allegations and accusations of corruption against government officials, innocent or guilty, in the Muslim world are seen as attacks against the state and treasonous crimes then nothing in those Muslim countries is ever going to change and the filthy stench of the festering dishonesty of many Muslim officials will continue to fill the noses of Western aid-givers. I, for one, have ceased to give to any Charity which operates in any Muslim country because I’m sickened by the venality – the bribery and corruption - that such charities have to indulge in in order to help anyone.

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago but, as usual, real life intervened so I’ve updated it and am posting it after the event in Doha.
The following is from and can be found in its entirety at
The Algerian government is blocking attendance of an Algerian NGO from an upcoming UN anti-corruption summit. This is a deeply worrying development, according to the UNCAC Coalition, a group of over 200 organisations seeking implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).
The Coalition is also alarmed to learn that a Gabonese citizen included in the summit delegation of another NGO had to press government authorities for months in order to obtain a passport to travel to the Conference. These actions come on the heels of an objection, reportedly by the Russian Federation, to a Georgian NGO’s participation in the same meeting. The UN conference, to be held in Doha from 9-13 November, is due to discuss implementation of the UN Convention, which includes provisions on whistleblower protection and citizen participation in the fight against corruption.
“We are alarmed at a growing pattern of obstruction to civil society participation in the UN anti-corruption conference,” said Kirstine Drew of UNICORN—Trade Union Anti-Corruption Network. “Some governments appear set on stifling civil society voices, including in international fora”.
The rules of procedure for intergovernmental UNCAC meetings, which were set up by governments, allow governmental objection to participation of NGOs unless they are already accredited by the UN system. The Coalition calls for the Russian and Algerian objections to be withdrawn and for steps to be taken to ensure that NGOs and participants will not be excluded on the basis of arbitrary objections, denial of travel documents or other obstructions.
“Governments and international organisations, including the UN, that are committed to civil society participation should ensure that such arbitrary exclusions cannot take place,” said Gillian Dell, Programme Manager at Transparency International, the Coalition’s secretariat.
The summit now taking place for a third time, provides a forum for 141 governments party to the UNCAC to discuss key actions such as the design of a process to assess government progress in delivering on their commitments. Since the UN Convention meetings began in 2006, only one known objection was made to an NGO’s attendance and this was withdrawn prior to the conference.
The Algerian government’s objection to the Association Algérienne de Lutte Contre la Corruption was reportedly received by the UN two weeks after the deadline for such objections and was based on a government claim that the group was not properly registered as an NGO. This claim is disputed by the group, which was first invited and accredited for the upcoming Doha meeting and then disinvited after the Algerian government’s late objection. A representative of the group was present at the second UN summit on the Convention in 2008 and highlighted the need to protect anti-corruption advocates.
The Gabonese citizen, Gregory Ngbwa Mintsa, was a co-complainant in a case brought by Transparence-International France, which called for an inquiry into French property owned by the late Omar Bongo Ondimba of Gabon and two other African heads of state. Following the complaint, Gabonese authorities arrested and began an investigation of the Gabonese citizen on charges of "possession of a document that could be used for propaganda" and "oral and written propaganda in order to incite revolts against authorities.” After great public outcry he was released, but is still under investigation.
Transparency International does good work and can be found at . Its report on the UNCAC meeting in Doha can be found here and it states quite clearly that the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) meeting in Doha “has agreed a review mechanism that falls short of effectively tackling the devastating effects of corruption.”
Well, no surprises there then!
In case any of you think that Algeria is just slightly suspect and should be viewed as irrelevant in the overall scheme of things just remember, if you ever knew, that Algeria is deeply complicit in supporting rogue regimes such as that which is currently ruling in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia). The following is also from and can be found at
Sixty-nine more Zimbabwean students have been awarded scholarships to study at Algerian universities as relations between Harare and Algiers in the political, educational and cultural fields continue to strengthen.
Speaking at a ceremony to send off the students in Harare yesterday, Higher and Tertiary Education Minister Stan Mudenge commended Algeria for helping Zimbabwe afford its youths a tertiary education.
"To date, there are 161 students already studying different degree programmes. This positive trend testifies the deepening relationship in the political, educational and cultural fields," he said.
Minister Mudenge said Government was investing heavily in tertiary education as it was the foundation of other forms of development. "The link between higher education and socio-economic development in building knowledge-based societies is overwhelming and strategic. In this endeavour, we pursue the goals of equity, relevance and quality," said Minister MudengeHe urged the students to be good ambassadors for the country and preserve their cultural and national identity.
Algerian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Ali Mokrani said the scholarship programme was an extension of support rendered to Zimbabwe since the liberation struggle.
"This scholarship is, in fact, a continuity of the training extended by Algeria to the Zimbabwean freedom fighters in the past and today to you as a new generation so that when you return home, you will contribute to the development of a bright Zimbabwe and keep the link alive with Algeria," said Mr Mokrani. (My added bold emphasis.)
The students are offered scholarships to study engineering, science of material, medicine, veterinary, biology, architecture, agronomy, earth sciences, industrial security and French. Algeria has been extending scholarships to African countries for the enhancement of the human relations and sharing of knowledge and capacity building.
In fact Algeria, as most Muslim dominated countries are, is complicit in doing everything it can to undermine moral values and to support illiberal and murderous regimes such as that ruling in Zimbabwe today. However, Algeria is not alone in its duplicitous Muslim outreach programmes. Here at NER I drew your attention to efforts by Kuwait (Kuwait, for Heaven’s sake, a country that we westerners went to war to liberate from an Iraqi invasion) and the The Africa Muslims Agency, and the Kuwaiti financed Al Furqaan (see here) movement, to penetrate and disrupt African countries and their relationships with the rest of the world.
By the way, and just in case you run away with the erroneous impression that Stan Mudenge is, in some sense, a sensible person merely being pragmatic about the education of Zimbabwe’s youth in these difficult times, this Stan Mudenge is the self-same, self-titled and ridiculously self-named (yes, he named himself but heaven alone knows why he named himself as he did – the man is quite mad!) Dr. Isaak Stanislaus Gorerazvo Mudenge who said about Taiwan’s elections back in 2004AD:
"The Government of the republic [sic] of Zimbabwe has followed with grave concern development in the Taiwan Province of the People's Republic of China leading to the sham elcction [sic] and referendum held on 20th March 2004 in a vain attempt to justity [sic] the so-called "Independence of Taiwan".
"We condemn the controversial election as being provocative and reckless. Any attempt to challenge the fact that Taiwan is a province of China constitutes a danger not only to the stability of China but also to international peace and security" said Dr. Mudenge.
The Foreign Minister also reiterated Zimbabwe's support for the "One China Policy" and condemned all forces both internal and external that seek to destabilize the country.
You can find that statement here.
So, what’s my point in analysing all this immature Islamic and African drivel? Let me put it to you quite simply – it’s the usual and only to be expected immature drivel and complete nonsense, but it’s become dangerous Islamic drivel because it’s got into bed with reckless and immature African dictatorial drivel. What’s going on in Africa today is the very worst, or the very best (depending on ones point of view), of Islamic dawah – Islamic countries are playing upon a sense of post-colonial let-down in order to drive a wedge between the African peoples and the Western peoples and they are doing that in fine style and with a complete disregard for the truth of the matter (that African nations are, after all the years that have passed since the colonial occupations, entirely responsible for themselves and their own conditions – whatever states they are now in is their own fault and has nothing to do with their former European masters). Islam and Islamic countries are very successfully playing upon some imagined post-colonial grievances in Africa but unless the Western Nations move fast we will find ourselves living with an entire continent that has become Islamised in its approach to us even though it may not be Islamic in its belief systems.
This is a deep and devious game that the Islamic countries are playing in Africa and we are losing this game. I think its time that we woke up and smelled the camel-dung!
Posted on 11/21/2009 6:38 AM by John M. Joyce
21 Nov 2009

 All very nasty.  The Ummah, or Muslim Mob, flush with oil money for bribes, is, of course, playing exactly the same game (or trying to) in the majority (nominally)-Christian countries of the Caribbean and Latin America - with the rotten, poisonous fruits already clearly evident in Venezuela; and *also* among the small, poor, majority (nominally)-Christian countries of the Pacific - most notably Fiji, the key to the South Pacific, which has a large and aggressive Muslim colony of Indian ethnicity (legacy of the Raj, when both Hindu and Muslim Indian labourers and merchants entered Fiji).  Indeed I suspect Muslims may be pulling strings in Fijian politics...given the fact that some baffling restrictions have recently been imposed upon Christian freedom of religious practice.