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Sunday, 22 November 2009
Carry on up the arts

Whatever you think about global warming, it's best not to let artists anywhere near the subject. Their opinions are as predictable as they are on Israel, and every bit as vacuous. Remember Michael Jacksons portentous "Earth Song"? Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker's response - mooning and pretending to break wind - was the only possible response. And no, it wasn't a plea for sustainable energy.

Unfortunately Cocker's cheeky humour has turned to po-faced earnestness. David Thompson tells how Cocker was sent on an Arts Council (i.e. taxpayer) funded trip to the Arctic for "inspiration" and to "raise consciousness":

The ecological insights gleaned by Mr Cocker? 

Men have produced a lot of great art over the centuries, or whatever... but... an iceberg kind of, basically, pisses on it.

Here’s the contribution by Beatboxer Shlomo, who “dedicates his beats to the cause.” 

Mr Shlomo’s deep, deep insights into climatology and life can be read here. They include,

I couldn’t help but notice that it’s really quite cold.


Being with all these inspired people seems to have filled my head with a zillion ideas for musical endeavours that could easily save the world.

The expedition organisers explain the artistic riches to be tapped and why the creative excursion is so worth your money:

Through witnessing the environment, taking part in stimulating discussion and observing and participating in scientific field research, we enable our voyagers to gain a real connection to the subject matter. Our ambition is that this experience will inspire all who journey to somehow respond to the Arctic and create work on their return.

Playing the video clip above, I've decided I don't want a planet that can be saved by someone like that.

Posted on 11/22/2009 8:21 AM by Mary Jackson
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