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Monday, 23 November 2009
Mattel?s Burka Barbie versus SIOA?s MO Doll

With Black Friday coming up, will the hot item be the Mattel Burka Barbie Doll? Last holiday season, we had the kerfuffle about another Mattel/Fisher Price doll, the Baby Cuddle and Coo doll that spoke Da’wa (preaching in Arabic)– “Islam is the light”, resulting in protests and cleaning off shelves in a number of toy departments.

Or could it be the MO doll, the prototype of which has been developed by Kendra Adams, co-founder of Stop Islamization of America (SIOA)?  

Adams had a letter to the editors of the U.K. Daily Mail, posted on Face Book, concerning an article, ”It’s Barbie’s Burka,”  about this latest Barbie doll in the Mattel collection. Just in time for the 50th Anniversary and an auction for the Save the Children Foundation.  Note this from the Daily Mail report:

'Bring it on Burkha Barbie, I think this is a great idea.’

'I think this is really important for girls, wherever they are from they should have the opportunity to play with a Barbie that they feel represents them.

Adams in her letter to the Daily Mail, “Mattel Barbie Burkha,” noted:

The burkha isn't a fashion statement nor is it a statement that Barbie can do anything she wants to do as one article mentioning this suggested. A woman forced to wear a burkha cannot do anything she wants to do by any means. How you think this shows freedom of conscience or freedom of critical thought is absolutely beyond me.

The article I read described that although Barbie is sometimes disparaged as being a poor role model, Barbie's real purpose was to show girls they can do anything they like-- even wear a burkha. The truth is, though, that girls in countries that force them to wear burkhas are denied even the most basic freedoms we take for granted in the U.S. and the U.K.

Girls who are brought up in these countries are often not permitted to finish school. When they are permitted to finish school, it is at the decision of their fathers. Since many children in Islamic countries are poor, many fathers marry their young girls to older men at an early age. 10 are not considered too young in these countries and this happens daily. It is not the exception to the rule as much as it is considered common practice. Mohammad, the prophet of Islam, married Aisha at six; ironically she still was playing with dolls. It is because of Mohammad's own actions of marrying a six year old girl, that it is considered part of SHARIA law today that all Muslim men can marry girls as young as six. Mohammad also stated it was okay to beat one's wives and in fact is recorded to have beaten his own wives; this is why beating today is considered permissible.

Phyllis Chesler had Pajamas Media commentary, “Boycott Burqa Barbie,”  on this latest piece of “stealth jihad” in toy land.  Note what Chesler said:

What will they think of next? A be-headed doll?

That’s right. I am talking about the new Burqa Barbie doll which is now on display in Florence, Italy, to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Barbie doll. As my colleague over at weaselzippers wonders: Will clean-cut Ken now come (pun intended, ‘tis mine) with four burqa’ed Barbie doll wives?

Ah, I am such a Grinch. After all, the Burqa Barbie is being auctioned off for the Save the Children charity.

Adams of SIOA produced her own rebuttal to this stealth jihad in toy land: the MO Doll.

We had been gifted two copies at the launch of Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) on September 25th held at the House Rayburn Office Building in Washington, DC.  Coincidentally, that was also the occasion of Islam on Capitol Hill Day featuring a Noon Jummah prayer service. We presented one copy of the MO Doll to Dutch MP, the Hon. Geert Wilders at an event in New York on October 21st along with a letter from the co-founders of SIOA, Kendra and Daniel Adams. Mr. Wilders asked me to convey his appreciation for his copy of the MO Doll and the letter from the Adams.  To view the SIOA MO Doll, watch here.

Now, don’t you think that Mattel should pick up an option for the MO Doll for its holiday collection?  That is, if the Jihadis don’t complain about offending Mohammed, the alleged pedophile and purported husband of 10 year old Aisha, who gave up her dolls for marriage to the Prophet.


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23 Nov 2009
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