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Tuesday, 24 November 2009
From the You Couldn?t Make it up Department

Management of the organisation my husband works for are very proud of their shiny new database, through which they aspire to the Holy Grail of the paperless office.
Last month they were inspected by the inspection institution for their field. The inspectors were less than impressed and ordered them to institute new files including paper documents. I think they were concerned to retain original letters written by the sort of clients who don’t use e-mail or even a word processor.
My husband was told to reconfigure his most recent projects and cases in accordance with the recommendations. He was to include his handwritten notes from which he had typed a word document file note. The new files would be inspected and assessed by Quality Control in a few weeks time.
The files he submitted were returned to him today.
His instructions are;-
Please insert some mistakes so that they can be found by Quality Control who will then be able to tick the box which says Were Mistakes Highlighted? -  YES.
And we don’t like your handwriting, can you write in any other way?
‘Sorry, but no’ he answered. ‘I have been writing like this for nearly 50 years, I’m too old to change it now’.

Posted on 11/24/2009 9:28 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
25 Nov 2009
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Please tell me your husband works for the government or a government/council agency.God help us if this rot has infected business.

24 Nov 2009

>Please insert mistakes.

Surely, this is not an American company. American company directives would likely be more akin to "Please highlight your mistakes so that we can dock your pay, and put you on the short list for our next 'restructuring' initiative. Non-highlighting of mistakes could result in HR action against you up to and including dismissal.'"