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Wednesday, 25 November 2009
Man demands right to have babies

Not quite, but every bit as ridiculous. From The Times:

A straight couple who want to become the first hetrosexuals in Britain to form a civil partnership will launch a legal challenge after a council refused their request.

Tom Freeman and Katherine Doyle, both 25, said they want the same legal rights as a husband and wife, but did not want to enter an institution that is closed to homosexuals.

They had applied for a civil partnership at Islington Town Hall, in North London, using their initials and surnames. But they were given a letter of refusal because the council said that it could only sanction civil partnerships between partners of the same sex.

The couple, who are supported by Peter Tatchell, the gay rights campaigner, said that they were being discriminated against because of their sexuality. They vowed to take their challenge to the European court of Human Rights at Strasbourg, if necessary.

Mr Freeman, a civil servant, said: “We are here to challenge the ban which is part of the system of segregation that ends up discriminating against gay and straight couples.

“Plenty of straight couples don’t want to get married and marriage rates are going down. In a democratic society, all institutions should be open to all people regardless of their sexuality.” He added: “We’re planning to take legal advice and we’re willing to take this as far as the European Court of Human Rights.”

And that farcical and perverse institution may well back them.

"Plenty of straight couples don't want to get married," he says. So don't get married, just live together. A civil partnership conveys the same rights and responsibilities as marriage. So why want the former but not the latter?

It doesn't make sense, but just look at the picture and see if you can discern, in those faces, any sign of intelligent life.

Posted on 11/25/2009 7:23 AM by Mary Jackson
25 Nov 2009
Paul Blaskowicz

We're here. We're not  queer. Get used to it.

25 Nov 2009
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