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Saturday, 28 November 2009
UKIP chief Lord Pearson fights 'dangers' of Europe and extreme Islamists

Lord Pearson, you will recall, is the member of the House of Lords who worked with Baroness Cox in their attempt to get Geert Wilders to speak to Parliament. In his absence they were responsible for the showing of Fitna to a Parliamentary audience.
This is from The Times
This peer of the realm seems like the ultimate Establishment grandee. . . But Lord Pearson has never felt part of the Establishment. “I’m a rebel,” he says. “I’m not posh at all, I was bullied at Eton for being nouveau riche, which was very unfair, because we were nouveau but we weren’t riche.”
His father was a fighter pilot who worked in aviation insurance after the First World War. Lord Pearson set up his own insurance company and describes himself as self-made.
Friends say that at school he was the smallest but bravest boy on the rugby pitch. He has never minded picking a fight. During the Cold War he became friends with dissidents such as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. As an education adviser to Margaret Thatcher he took on the teachers’ unions. In the 1990s he read the Treaty of Rome and found his next cause — Europe.
Just as the Tories were becoming popular again two years ago, he left the party for UKIP. “If you are a sheep or a lemming you don’t join UKIP. The party is for original thinkers, lateral thinkers, people who care passionately about our culture and our history and who do not like to see our system of representative parliamentary democracy being broken down.”
The expenses scandal has, he thinks, increased the latent sense of disillusionment. “The system whereby you vote for and send your MP to Parliament has become irrelevant; the majority of national law is now made in Brussels, where it is proposed in secret by the unelected bureaucracy. People feel they are disenfranchised and apart from leaving the EU they can’t do anything about it.”
He believes that the rise of radical Islam is dangerous. This year he invited Geert Wilders, the Dutch MP who called for the Koran to be banned in his country, to speak in Britain. “I absolutely don’t agree with him that the Koran should be banned but I do think we should discuss what to do about extremist Islamists.
“It is very worrying that a large and growing sector of our society is set against our way of life and laws, our treatment of women and our religion.” Islamism is, in his view, a bigger threat than the European Union. “Its problem is that it is a religious, political and legal system all rolled into one, the penalty of leaving it is death, and it is on a roll all over the planet.”
The Muslim population is “rocketing, their birthrate is much higher than ours. They are already in a position where there are sufficiently strong pockets of them to make demands we find difficult to resist. The British Airways woman was suspended for wearing a cross when 12 of her colleagues wore the hijab. The padre at Sandhurst banned the Creed. Not using the word Christmas is another one. It is when Muslims use our generosity, multiculturalism, openness and hospitality against our Christian beliefs.”
I would stop Muslims schools using their curriculum to spread hatred and anti-Judaeo-Christian sentiment. We need to stop Sharia taking hold in the West in our cities; it is gender apartheid.” He says that he has received veiled threats. But he is not going to keep quiet. “I have had a wonderful innings.”
This 68-year-old is uncomfortable with the pace of change. “It does worry you sometimes when you drive through parts of the country and you don’t really see a white face very much. Obviously we have got used to it and it is something we all support, but it can be pretty difficult if you live in those places and that’s where I think the BNP vote is coming from.”
The British National Party said this month that it would welcome Lord Pearson. Are there similarities between the two minority parties? “Absolutely not — we are completely non-racist. They won’t allow Jews or blacks in their party.”
Unlike Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, he wants everyone of all cultures to embrace Britishness. “The Queen’s the best thing this country’s got by miles, together with the Armed Forces and the taxi drivers.”

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28 Nov 2009
Alan R



  "Lord Pearson - God's Eurosceptic"

28 Nov 2009
Alan R


 I assume Lord Pearson supports Geert Wilders in opposing Turkey's membership of the E.U.:

 "Ten times No to Turkey"

   (by Geert Wilders).

28 Nov 2009
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"Veiled threats" ho ho ho.

A good egg, and Baroness Cox is a good egg-ess.