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Monday, 30 November 2009
Former soldier suspected of train bombing

From The Independent
Islamic militant blamed for an earlier attack on same Russian rail line
Russian authorities suspect a former Russian soldier of being behind Friday's train derailment which killed at least 25 people and injured around 100. According to news reports yesterday, the Russian security services have marked Pavel Kosolapov, a Russian soldier turned Islamic militant, as one of the top suspects in the train derailment, which appears to have been caused by a bomb.
Little is known about Mr Kosolapov, and there is only one grainy photograph of him in public circulation. He is believed to have converted to Islam during the 1990s and become a close associate of Shamil Basayev, the terrorist mastermind behind the Beslan school siege, who was finally killed by Russian forces in 2006.
Mr Kosolapov is wanted in connection with a bomb incident that took place on the same line and derailed a similar Nevsky Express train two years ago. On that occasion, nobody was killed. Two men from Ingushetia, the restive province that borders Chechnya, are standing trial for the earlier incident, and one of them admitted his guilt in court last week.
"Our people have been challenged," said Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. "They want to frighten everybody who lives in Russia." The Patriarch later led a special service for the victims at Moscow's Christ the Saviour Cathedral.

Posted on 11/30/2009 6:11 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
30 Nov 2009
Hugh Fitzgerald

A soldier fighting for Russia becomes a terrorist killing Russian civilians. Why??The reason is Islam. Islam entered his head. He didn't have to know everything. He only had to know that he was now a "Muslim"?and, therefore, all non-Muslims were now his enemy. As a convert, he was more likely to take the message of Islam fully seriously -- for the kind of people who convert are, nowadays, those looking for that Total Regulation of Life that Islam, which now that Fascism, and its most murderous variant, Nazism, are not around, Islam is the best game in town. If you like being a member of a group, of The Group, and having your pathological behavior exalted as bravely fulfililng your duty, of not shirking from violent Jihad, Islam may be just the ticket. This dimwitted but deadly Russian had a switch flipped in his mind. He became, overnight, one of the enemy within. It can happen to those psychially-marginal soldiers who, fighting Muslims, decide Islam is for them. It can happen to prisopners, especially those who are not only psychically but socially marginal, and who are subject to non-stop campaigns of Da'wa in American, British, French, and other prisons. It can happen to all kinds of people. And the numbers of those who must be monitored, watched, worried about, grows and grows within the advanced Western world.

The security services know it, or at least the most intelligent members of those security services know it. Many others, among the well-prepared and the un-tongue-tied, know it and are wililng to talk about it. But at the top, the game of let's-pretend-there-isn't-such-a-problem or let's-at-least-deny-it's-magnitude and let's-never-forget-that-Islam-is-a-religion-or-"religion" goes on, and on, and the bombs are set, and the general anxiety rises, and the farcical pretense continues, causing the gap between those who claim to be able to protect and instruct us, and those who actually have to suffer the consequences of the failure of those who make that claim, widens and widens.

This can't go on. Not in Russia, and not in Great Britain, not in the United States, and not anywhere else in Europe or North America.