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Monday, 30 November 2009
Judeo-Masonic Thought And The Birth Of The Modern

by Robert Wolfe (December 2009)

Anyone familiar with the European anti-Semitic literature of the 19th and early 20th centuries will be struck by the extent to which this literature is directed not only against the Jews but also against the Freemasons. In the so-called "Protocols of the Elder of Zion" and similar expositions of a mythical Jewish conspiracy to rule the world, the Freemasons are assigned a major role in the alleged conspiracy. more>>>
Posted on 11/30/2009 4:58 PM by NER
26 Apr 2011
John W. Seager

Having just read John Robinson's "Born in Blood" I heartily concur with JW that it gives a most plausible explanation of the organisational structure which prevailed during the Peasant's Revolt and which was supported by locally influential businessmen in various town centres. It also has provided for me numerous insights into the purpose of instructive parts of Masonic Ritual discussed in the book. I would be interested to see further comment from JW on whether these influences might also be seen in the translation and publication of the King Jame's Bible, 400 years ago this year (2011).  

29 Dec 2010

Read The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit by E. Michael Jones.  He addresses Jewish involvement in the Masonic lodge quite thoroughly.  

The Masons are just one example of the religious return to the Old Testament that occurred with the Reformation. Masonic ritual makes almost no reference to Christ or the New Testament, yet places the OT temple at the center. There is no question that Masons are thinly veiled Jews. The Catholic term is "Judaizing", or "returning to one's vomit".  

And yes, Jews were heavily involved. Read about the Young Turks and their revolution, planned in a Masonic Lodge in Thessalonika, at the time the world center for Sephardic Jewry. The grandmaster was Emanuel Carasso,

Arch-Jews Jabotinsky and Alexander Parvus (Israel Helphand) served as senior advisors to the Young Turks, and may have been closely involved in the Armenian massacre. Parvus was THE pivotal figure in planning the Russian Revolution.

5 Nov 2010
Russ L. Smith

I think a Mormon will initiate the Temple before the Pope steps in.