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Monday, 30 November 2009
Conferring of the "Hero of Silence" Order on David G. Littman

“Operation Mural”: Casablanca 1961

Presentation by President Shimon Peres
(Presidential Commemoration Ceremony June 1, 2008)

Well, it is a belated ceremony, but it doesn’t lose its value, because what you did stands on its own legs and is not affected by time. I think that the saving of 530 children is, I imagine, the most moving experience a man can have. You say in Hebrew: “The one who saves one life is like the one that saved the life of the whole world.” (*) But when you save 530 children it’s really unforgettable. I want to express, on behalf of our people, our nation, our recognition of your courage, your wisdom, of your determination under extremely difficult conditions at a time when our connections were extremely weak. more>>>

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28 Dec 2009
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The real cause for concern is British Jewry - they are turning on each other.

Problems at The Board of deputies.

As the final paragraph of this article shows The Supreme Cout(England) has used the Race Laws against a Jewish school.  The President of the Supreme Court had maternal grandparents who were Sephardic!  I don't understand this.