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Tuesday, 1 December 2009
Twenty-Five (Out Of One Hundred) Things We All Should Know About Islam

by Hugh Fitzgerald (December 2009)

1.     Islam is an ideology. In the Western world, it was not called a "religion" until the twentieth century. Rather, it was a "faith" or, to many Western travellers, a "fanatical faith." It does contain rituals of worship – the so-called Five Pillars of Islam, which are the main duties owed by a Believer to Allah. These five are:  Shahada (Profession of Faith), Salat (five daily prayers), Zakat (charity, but  for fellow Muslims only), Hajj (at least once in a lifetime), Ramadan (daytime fasting for a month every year). These duties are to be performed. They do not require, nor do they promote, moral development. more>>>
Posted on 12/01/2009 8:12 PM by NER
18 May 2010
Gerard Sireci

The facts in this article, as stated by Mr. Fitzgerlad, are consistent with my readings about Islam and the Middle East. To paraphrase James Carville, it's the religion, stupid.

6 Jan 2010
Send an emailW. Makramalla

As a non-Muslim citizen of a predominantly Muslim country, I would like you to commend Mr Fitzgerald on such a piercing perspective of Islam. It is essential for the West to safeguard its own cultural identity and the survival of the universal civilisation it has engendered - not to mention its peoples' security - by reckoning more closely with the inherent threats in current Islamic doctrine.

One relatively marginal detail over which I beg to diagree is your definition of the basic division of Islamic nation into Arab and non-Arab "ethnicity". A more appropriate differentiation would be between Arabic speakers and non-Arabic speakers.

As you are only very well aware, less than 15 percent of the stereotypical "Arab" world population may actually be associated with an Arab race as such - and those mostly limited to the Arabian penisula and the adjacent Syrian and Iraqi desert. For their part, the vast majority of Levantines as well as a good number of southern and central Iraqis trace their ancestry to other ancestry to other semitic stock settled in those lands millenia before the earliest Arab encroachments in late antiquity. The same could be said for the Aryan and Turanian peoples inhabiting northern Arabic-speaking Syria and Iraq (for whom Arabic may sometimes indeed rank only as a second language). 

Similarly in North Africa, Egyptians, Sudanese and the largely berber population of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco hail from distinct ethnic groups, possessing deeply-grounded national characters long predating the Islamic and Arabic layers. 

Subsuming such a variety of ancient races and ethnicities into the Arab super-race does those proud nations no justice at all, however more such a simplification may appeal to our increasingly influential "clash-of-civilisations" diagnosis of world conflicts. It would be hardly facetious to liken such a propostion to the absurd claim that all English-speaking people were "English" or "Anglo-Saxon"!

22 Dec 2009
John Blake

As China's Mandarinate purposefully suppressed innovation and opportunity over two millennia (see Joseph Needham), so Arab-supremacist Islam fosters apathy and ignorance, benighted fatalism, on every front.   As Churchill and T.E. Lawrence put it in "The River War" and "Seven Pillars", Islam represents a nihilistic death-cult whose "degraded sensualism" marks an unworthy culture, exploitative and parasitic to the core.

As Earth enters on a 70-year Maunder Minimum, overdue to end our current Holocene Interglacial Epoch, we suspect that a resurgent, 102,000-year Pleistocene Ice Time will drive swaths of humanity off-planet, up vertical Erie Canals to vast encapsulated refugiums ranging Sol's plane-of-the-ecliptic.  These polities will emphatically exclude any and all adherents of Islam, for no-one of that brutal creed contributes anything, and any single acolyte may legitimately be suspected of plotting ultimately selfish, suicidal mayhem against all.

Soon enough, PCBS worms will turn even in long-supine European and American venues.  When that time comes, post-modernism's spiritually bereft societies will have no qualms at extirpating Islam's deluded Prophetologists to the last child-molesting exemplar of the genre.  Good riddance, and about time, too.

22 Dec 2009
Send an emailRebecca Bynum

There is a print option - upper left under the Crosswords and above the donation buttons.

22 Dec 2009
Dave Ostby

Love your articles (newly discovered) but why can't you make them printer friendly?  Maybe I just have not learned how but instead of 25 pages one could print the same info for 8-10 pages.  Just a thought.


11 Dec 2009
Send an emailTL winslow

 The article is nice, but to really learn the key facts of the rise, spread and core beliefs of Islam online try the Historyscoper site, it's free:

5 Dec 2009
Hugh Fitzgerald

Too long? Well then, for your own peace of mind, you'd better skip the next three installments.

5 Dec 2009
Send an emailJames Pawlak

Too long. The whole can be sumarized as: Islam is an ideologh which allows or apporves, and sometimes commands, the use of muder, rape and & enslavement, genocide, perpetual war with "unbelieves" and the other horrors taught by the false prophet Mohammed (Himself a murderer, bandit, liar and treaty breaker AND the sexual abuser of a nine-year-young girl-child) all for teh benefit of Islam or the power-and-sex perversions of its adult male members.

2 Dec 2009
Ole Sandberg

One incidental benefit of the rapidly unravelling Anthropogenic Global Warming scam is that it will allow Mr. Fitzgerald to focus his brilliant mind on the many important things that occupies it without the occasional distraction of recurring Chicken Little Syndrome.  And since the United Nations is at the center of the scam, another incidental benefit is that it may finally allow the first post WW 2 generation to finally sever its sentimental attachment to that nefarious organization.