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Wednesday, 2 December 2009
Anas Takriti, Working Hard To Remove All Obstacles To The Spread Of Islam

Here is an excerpt from what Anas Takriti, a supposed "moderate" as the head of sometning called the Cordoba Foundation  --"a London-based think-tank concerned with building bridges and improving understanding between the West and the Muslim world, through research, training and conflict resolution" --writes at the website of  Al Jazeera:


"The mind is boggled by the fact that Switzerland, a country renowned for its tolerant nature, could come to see less than a handful of minarets as a threat to its identity and culture.

The main campaign poster used by far right groups to rally against the construction of minarets in Switzerland depicted a Muslim woman in niqab standing before a multitude of minarets graphically rendered to look like missiles.

Switzerland's Commission Against Racism said that the campaign poster defamed the country's Muslim minority.

Neither the niqab nor the minaret is characteristic of the Muslim community in Switzerland but both have been regularly used to stoke the flames of hatred and fear against Muslims throughout Europe in recent times.

And it was that fear which pushed over half of Swiss voters to choose, by a majority of 57 per cent, to support the minaret ban called for by the Union Démocratique du Centre (UDC), a right wing populist party.

Switzerland's identity crisis

The vote revealed that Switzerland, like a number of other Western nations, faces a deep identity crisis which has nothing to do with Islam, sharia, immigration or any other red-rags that were waived by the far-right to increase European fears of Muslims. 

The question the Swiss should really be asking themselves is whether the values of human rights, civil liberties and democracy - upheld so preciously by European nations - are practised as reverently as they are preached."


This becomes even more of a crisis when one recalls that among the crucial outcomes of the struggle between church and state throughout Europe was the emergence of these values as an 'alternative' to church dictate and the preaching of clerics.

Hence, the first serious problem with the referendum process is how a democratic society can begin to contemplate holding a popular vote on a matter that is regarded integral to the core themes of freedom and rights.

While it is only fair to assert that the Swiss government and most newspaper editors had urged voters to defeat the ban, it remains the case that the vote should not have been held in the first place. The very concept of a referendum in which the vast majority are asked to vote on a topic specific to the culture or religion of a minority group is in itself extremely problematic."

Imagine the furor that would certainly ensue should a country with an overwhelmingly Muslim population be asked to vote on whether its small Christian community should be allowed to build their churches according to a particular design or method, or whether they would rather do without the church bells sounding from time to time."


Can you stand it? It isn't hypocrisy. It's beyond hypocrisy. It's far beyond, in another world, the world of Muslims who cannot stand outside Islam, and cannot begin to imagine the world from the viewpoint of others, nor begin to imagine what the practices and views of Muslim states and societies look like to non-Muslims on the receiving end. His sinister lack of awareness, lack even of an awareness of what Infidels now know about Islam, or are rapidly learning, amazes. It's fantastic.


Posted on 12/02/2009 12:45 PM by Hugh Fitzgerald
2 Dec 2009
Hugh Fitzgerald

Neither the Swiss, nor the French, nor the Italians, are "suffering an identity crisis" of their own making. They are being forced, by Muslim immigrants, to believe that their "identity" is something other than what they always took for granted, that somehow Islam is part of that "identity" simply because,  just in the last few decades, Muslims have been allowed to settle in their lands, by those ignorant of, and therefore oblivious to, the nature of the ideology of Islam and how the Shari'a, the Holy Law of Islam, flatly contradicts in letter and spirit everything that makes the West the West. That's not an "identity crisis" but an "identity" that is under attack -- and by Muslims.

Furthermore, the crocodile tears of Anas Takriti, about Europe's lost "tolerance" -- this from an adherent and  defender of the most intolerant faith on earth, one based entirely on a division of humanity between Muslim and Infidel -- and especially his  -- can fool no one. Most maddening of all is this: 

"The question the Swiss should really be asking themselves is whether the values of human rights, civil liberties and democracy - upheld so preciously by European nations - are practised as reverently as they are preached."

The "values of human rights, civil liberties and democracy" came out of the advanced West, and are now threatened by the presence of Muslims who would, if they could, undo those "values of human rights, civil liberties and democracy" that are inimical to Islam. Anas Takriti here is writing as a Muslim Arab (an Iraqi who was given refuge in Great Britain -- now it is time for all the various anas-takritis living in the West, where they have not helped to enlightene but worked to confuse, to return to Iraq) for an audience mostly of other Muslim Arabs. But the same kind of blague is what he puts out at that propaganda effort, the Cordoba Foundation, with its predictable praise of Islamic Spain -- Islamic Spain -- with its putative convivencie, and all the other accompanying myths that got their start, following the historical romances of Walter Scott, in the fictions of Chateaubriand and Washington Irving.

2 Dec 2009
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Imagine; It's Easy If You Try - & Convict Christians
"Imagine the furor that would certainly ensue....."
Given what many Infidels, thanks to sites such as NER, "now know about Islam," it's easy indeed to imagine quite a furor.  Anass Accretion should have added "or allow Christians to proselytize to Muslims." 
Question for NER readers and staff:  In which, if any, countries with an "overwhelmingly Muslim population" are Christians allowed to freely build churches?  Honestly - I don't know the answer.  An earlier Googling of the niggling question of whether church bells are allowed to ring within Dar al-Islam gave a link to someone complaining that while the local mosques used loudspeakers, his church had to make do with a tape recorder.  It's worthwhile noting that part of the "genius" of Islam is that even if religious freedoms are, as gaveroach or some other troll posting on NER, claimed some time ago with respect to one of the "stans,"  "enshrined" in a country's constitution, Muslim thugs can effectively negate such theoretical freedoms without official sanction.  I suspect that the freedom to proselytize has been so negated in many areas even within the West.
Imagine being whipped into a frenzy with the fine Corinthian leather of a luxurious Cordoba Zanjeer Zani....
- Ricardo "Rigor Mortis" Montalban
  The Cordoba Foundation