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Thursday, 3 December 2009
?Quizzical? emoticons fill gap in expressions market

Vladimir Nabokov, inventor of the emoticon (ROFLMAO :-), would be pleased to see that it has acquired a touch of nuance. From Newsbiscuit, where it crumbles, cookiewise, every day:

Two new emoticons were unveiled at a Microsoft Conference in Philadelphia yesterday. Martin Groonstadt, of the University of Utrecht’s Emotional Intelligence Unit hailed the new graphics as a great leap in communications, ‘For years bloggers have been constrained by the lack of range in Emoticons. For example, they can be happy :- ) or very happy :-> or indeed laughing :- D but not expressing mild wry amusement or the kind of half-smile that seems to concur with another person but actually signifies complete disagreement :-} These new quizzical emoticons occupy a much-needed place in our emoticon lexicon.’

In a separate issue, validation of the so-called ‘continental nose’ ( :¬) sparked a certain amount of controversy in the European Union Emoticons Standardisation Committee. On an emoticon message board, Dean from Colchester branded it a ‘diabolical liberty’, while Chantal from Billericay wrote ‘hnds of our Englsh Nses. i dnt wnt any of yr bnt forign nses on my fone’.

Klaus Unterleiben of the Munich-based Emoticon Graphic Design Consortium, IchBinEinLittelFacshelSchmiler said the continental noses were much clearer in design terms than the straight English noses, and would replace them as a matter of Historic Inevitability. Martin Groonstadt, attempting to calm the controversy, expressed a wish that ‘In time to come, a so-called continental nose will be as unremarkable as a crossed seven.’

Until then, all E.U. emails and text messages will be translated into all European languages with the appropriate emoticon for that region, costing an estimated 750 million Euros. :¬{


Posted on 12/03/2009 8:12 AM by Mary Jackson
4 Dec 2009

An Emoticon (or Smiley) is a sequence of ordinary characters you can find on your computer keyboard. Emoticons are used in e-mail, chat, SMS and other forms of communication using computers. The most popular emoticons are the smiling faces. If you want to add a little bit of spice and fun to what would otherwise be just plain old text email, then you are in luck. You don't have to seek for your old buddy (blatant advert deleted - do you think we don't read these comments?- don't take the rise Darling! Ew) because these emoticons can be downloaded for free in some sites. They are wacky. They are cute. And they are animated. Smileys are your virtual facial expressions that can literally liven up your computer screen. With just the right amount of cuteness and familiar appeal, these little characters are great for sharing some laughs. At the same time, you get to allow the other person on the line to have some idea about what you really think and feel.