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Friday, 4 December 2009
Richard Todd

Richard Todd the veteran paratrooper speaking on the 65th anniversary of D-Day here on his experiences with the 6th Airbourne Division at Pegasus Bridge.

Richard Todd the actor in his most famous role, that of Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC in The Dam Busters. In this excerpt he solves a tricky technical problem in an unlikely place.

His obituary in The Telegraph is here.

Posted on 12/04/2009 9:48 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
4 Dec 2009
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Richard Todd was a remarkable individual and, from the interviews that I have seen, seemed very unassuming.

His death brings to mind another young man who gave his life at Pegasus Bridge early on that fateful morning of June 6, 1944.  That young man's name was Den Brotheridge, who is acknowledged as the first allied soldier killed on D-Day, and who will be forever linked with Richard Todd in my mind.  Den was only 29 years old that day.

The biographies of both Richard Todd and Den Brotheridge can be found at

They are missed.

4 Dec 2009
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Will Gordon Brown Next Fall On The Sword?
Or: Ve Don't Need No Stinkink Barges
Or: Tomayto, Tomahto, Omaha, Obama?!?
Or: "Life Is A Beach"
Or: Beach Blanket Bungle
I heard the below clip, which has probably by now blanketed the airwaves, on the radio whilst driving today.  I don't remember the name of the program, but it might have been part of the evil "talk radio vast right wing conspiracy."
One hopes that if Richard Todd was eulogized by your PM, the actor and paratrooper's last name was not pronounced with a Queen Victoria Rhine Estuaryish accent ala Hitler's lament (speaking, naturlich, "Austrian") regarding Operation Sea Lion, "Tote, dat barge....."  The program also mentioned that Gordy might have mixed up Reese Witherspoon and Renée Zellweger. Which seems more forgivable.  Let us pray that he's not ever confused by Dover Beach, The Dover Bitch, Juno Beach or....
...the Juno Bitch.
Can't do tags for Sword, Omaha, Juno, Utah or Gold