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Friday, 4 December 2009
David Littman: Jew hatred publications for sale in Syria

David Littman, was recently honored by the State of Israel for his humanitarian clandestine rescue mission (Operation Mural) in Morocco in the summer os 1961. We published an article on the conferring of the prestigious ‘Hero of Silence’ Order in the December, NER edition. Littman is the representative for the Association for World Education and the World Union for Progessive Judaism at the infamous UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. Littman has been a human rights activist, battling Islamic Jew hatred and dhimmitude, as well as other taboo subjects since 1986. In this latest statement of October 27, 2009, he inveighs against irrefutable evidence – compiled by a diplomat – of numerous Jew-hatred publications available in book stalls and the streets of Damascus.

Below is Littman's statement to the UNHRC.

UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL (2nd Session: 19 to 30 October 2009)
Ad Hoc Committee on the Elaboration of Complementary Standards
President: Ambassador Idriss Jazaïry (Algeria)
STATEMENT: Representative David G. LITTMAN – Tuesday (12:30pm) 27 October 2009
Discrimination based on religion or belief – and genocide
Proposals on the format and nature of possible complementary standards to be elaborated
* * * * *
 (Statement translated from the French 7 delivered at the morning meeting on 27 October)
            [Documentation provided below in [ ] brackets was not pronounced during the 3 minutes statement]
Judeophobia / Antisemitisme: Large number of publications in Damascus 
Thank you, Mr. President. During a recent visit to Damascus a European diplomat, who prefers to remain anonymous, was profoundly shocked on finding so many antisemitic publications in the bookstores of the Syrian capital – in the respectable centres like the Maktabat al-Qital (Librairie du Combat) and Dar Albyrouty, and the bookshop district at Halbouni, as well as on the streets of the capital. The most numerous are:
– Arab editions of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler;
The Unleavened Bread [Matzot] of Zion by of Général Mustafa Tlass, Defence Minister of Syria for more than 30 years (1972-2004);
The Protocoles of the Learned Elders of Zion. This volume – in French and English editions – was also offered in dollars near tourist hotels. [The cover has an English map of the Middle East, showing a red and black serpent which surrounds the entire Arab world, in the centre of which is ‘Occupied Palestine’ – without the word ‘Israel’.]
 Next to these Judeophobia /Antisemitic ‘classics’, bookstore windows overflow with scandalous pamphlets containing pernicious opinions on Jewish history, the falsity of the Bible, Jewish sects that use medieval sources, and international Zionist conspiracies
[– in league with Francmasonry, the Donmehs, the Bahais, predictions of Nostradamus, and of Gog and Magog, in regard to the destruction of Israel in 1913.]
In addition, there is a recent book by Shams al-Din al-Ajlani in Arabic on, The Jews of Damascus [Librairie El-Ulbi, Damas, 2009, pp. 430), in which one reads how the Jews of Damascus savagely strangled Father Thomas and his valet in 1840, in order to use his blood in the preparation of their unleavened bread [Matza] for the Feast of Passover.
[Also in the book one sees, for the first time in many years, photos of the old Jewish community (an ancient community of more than 40'000 in 1945, now under 100 elderly people) and  institutions such as the building of the Alliance Israélite Universelle, which became the School of Palestine in 1967. Despite chapters on Jewish financial power and prostitutes, al-Ajlani tries to give an impression that it is a serious study – until one reaches the descriptions on the Blood-Libel with ‘historic’ illustrations.]
This calumny, denounced in 1841 by the Ottoman Sultan in a firman, is perpetuated today by an Italian inscription and a detailed Arabic ‘explanation’ in a church near the old Jewish quarter of Bab Touma. In this newly-published book (the diplomat bought a copy on 17 October), one finds, on page 181, a reproduction from the Nazi Der Stürmer                 
by Julius Streicher, titled Ritualmord, with an illustration showing Jews killing children.

[And two others show the alleged ritual murder of Simon of Trente in 1475 (pp. 175 and 179). After Vatican II Pope Paul VI denounced the medieval trial of the Jews as a fraud, ending Simon’s worship.]
* * * * *
In a similar ‘Judeophobia’ context in 1991 – at the 47th session of the Commission of Human Rights – Syrian delegate Ms. Nabila Chaalan relaunched the 1840 Damascus Blood Libel Accusation (during the first Gulf War), citing a book by Syrian Minister of Defence General Mustafa Tlass, called Fatîr Sahyün – ‘The Unleavened Bread of Zion’.
[Holding the book, with its colour illustration showing Jews with prayer caps cutting Father Thomas’s throat, she declared: “We should like to launch an appeal to all members of this Commission to read this very important work that demonstrates unequivocally the historical reality of Zionist racism (…) And those who read the book can understand the reasons underlying the death of Father Tuma and those unmasked realities in Zionism.” (E/CN.4/1991/SR.18).*]
[It is appropriate that this 2nd session of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Elaboration of Complementary Standards – an organ of the Human Rights Council – is currently discussing: ‘Discrimination based on religion or beliefs, as well as incitation to racial, ethnic, national and religious hate’.]
Why does Syria, and other countries, allow the circulation and sale of tens of thousands of such books annually – and the screening of TV programmes on these same themes? Why is this ‘Judeophobia’ propagated without any criticism in their countries, whereas   ‘Islamophobia’ is anathema, and the same should be asked of UN Special Rapporteurs?
[On 4 February 2006 the embassies of Denmark and Norway in Damascus were attacked and burned by a mob, without much police hindrance, and this occurred as a result of deliberate incitement more than four months after the Danish cartoons ‘affair’.]  
We appeal to the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Presidents of the Human Rights Council and its Ad Hoc Committee, and the Special Rapporteurs concerned, as well as the Organization of the Islamic Conference, to address this hate phenomenon. The last study of French sociologist Pierre-André Taguieff, director of research at the CNRS in Paris, is called: Prêcheurs de Haine : Traversée de la judéophobie planétaire. We have been denouncing this plague for 20 years here. Surely, it is time to act now? **
* See David Littman, Human Rights and Human Wrong’, N° 10 – Supplementary Document Section: 1991 Revival at United Nations / 1840 ‘Damascus affair’ Blood-Libel Accusation (WUPJ: Genève, 10 June 1991, pp. 58); Human Rights & Human Wrongs, N° 11 – 2nd Supplementary Document Section: 1991 Revival at UN / Correspondence & Consequences (Avenir: Genève, 20 January 1992, p. 32).
* * AWE / WUPJ: Defamation of Judaism & Jews by ISESCO (OIC): 60th UDHR Anniversary ate UN (A/HRC/10/NGO/29 – 4/3/2008)
David G. Littman – Representative to the UN in Geneva
Association for World Education (AWE): Case Postale 205 – 1196 Gland – Suisse
World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ) c/o Beith GIL, 12, Quai du Seujet, 1201 Genève

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