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Saturday, 5 December 2009
Steve Gill Interviews Chaplain Dr. Keith Robinson about AirTran Flight 297

h/t: Debbie Schussel and thanks to Dorrie O'Brien. Dr. Robinson's account in pdf form is here.

Radio Talk Show Host Steve Gill Interviews AirTran Flight 297 Passenger Chaplain Dr. Keith A. Robinson:

Steve Gill “. . .Middle Eastern men that were on the plane and that, as they had pulled back from the jetway to taxi to the airport or to the runway. . .that uh, he said two had gotten up and were taking pictures with their cell phones of the other passengers on-in that area. This is while the plane is taxi-ing on the runway. That’s what he said, yes.

Ok, hang on. We are going to talk more. Keith Robinson was there. He’s
relating more of what happened on Flight 297. Air Tran says oh, no. Nothing happened. It was just a misunderstanding. One guy just didn’t shut off his cell phone. Keith Robinson was there, he’s going to give us more of the scoop that the main stream media seems to be ignoring. Well, maybe some of them are starting to catch on. We’ll follow up with Keith Robinson with more on the Steve Gill Show in just a moment.

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Posted on 12/05/2009 3:55 PM by Rebecca Bynum