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Monday, 7 December 2009
Remembering the Wombles

For those of you who don't remember the real litterpicking Wombles (of Wimbledon Common are we) , the 70s band they spawned (I have posted short clips before), or who remember the period but didn't get the programme where you lived this is TOTP from October 1974.
It could be anybody dancing in costume on that occasion - there were appearances where Mike Batt and Chris Spedding, real musicians, were actually attempting to play under the fluff.

Come on Chaps! One, two, three.

Posted on 12/07/2009 3:48 AM by Esmerelda Weatherwax
8 Dec 2009
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Muezzin With Sasquatch
-just awful; meant to hack out "muezzin for all seasons" even if the rhyme was ruined.
-probably no way to salvage Gompers' famous "More!" with or without the definite article.
-probably time for a long Kenedyesque Hiatusport.

7 Dec 2009
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Remember Pearl Harbor Day
Or: Remember Yorktown*
Or: From Harry To Harry
      From Moor To More
      From Amurath To American Wrath
      From Thomas To Thomas
Or: Remembering The Anglosphere
Or: Beavis & Butthead
      Bunker & Hamburger Hill
[I remember it like was yesterday (that is to say -sigh- only vaguely) when MJ wrote to one of us Yanks something like "Come back; all is forgiven" and some prole-hating troll accusing NER staff of wanting Britain to become our 51rst state and a while back some wag claiming that some conservatives want to "give ourselves back to England."  Hardeeharharhoo - but seriously, though; how about, oh, ten states? (and the Micks can get one and the Canucks about 4) -Offer moot, but negotiable.]
Yes, I remember Wobblies.  And what is the greatest current threat to laborers in the West?
The Moor!  -Well, that, and Mexicans.
- Samuel "Give 'Em Gehenna" Gompers
The Moor?!?  Death to the infidel above!  In every corner of your pitiful West we shall soon have a muezzin for every season.  From our minarets they shall drown out the sound of the Bow Bells and if any of the do-little Cockney priests wax turbulent, there'll be a hole in the Becket, dear Liza, dear Liza. 
- Tomasi* Moor
* Hat tip to Artemis for bringing up Rollo and to the Viking of the same name, who, when commanded to kiss the foot of the French King, turned, in a manner somewhat different from the kiss-off given Lord Cornwallis, his "world upside down."  Sad to say, while one wouldn't expect American school children to know who Dolly Pentreath was or perhaps even where Cornwall is, at present it seems likely that they don't even remember Yorktown or its aircraft carrier namesake or who Cornwallis was. 
Also see (though I hate this song) I Love Turbulent Priests
[Ok, so I lied (as usual) about the title, and yes, the evidence is a bit thin on what was played at the surrender at Lord Cornholio's** surrender]
*  A small price to pay for expelling the Lebensraum for La Raza Reconquista Restaurante ilegales:

7 Dec 2009
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I remember it like it was yesterday.