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Tuesday, 8 December 2009
Elites, Self-Interest and the Copenhagen Conference

Let’s start with the election of Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri as Chairman of this most important Conference. Did you know, were you ever told, that the good Doctor (2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner on behalf of, and head of, the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] along with Vice-President Gore) is also the Chairman of the Sheikh Zayed (United Arab Emirates) Future Energy Prize committee?

Did you know, were you ever told, that the good Doctor was on the Board of Directors of the Indian Oil Corporation – one of the most suspect and allegedly one of the most polluting companies on earth – until just six years ago? This is a company deeply mired in as yet unprovable, but probable, corrupt practices which more than likely led to the death of one of its own executives, in 2005, when Shanmugam Manjunath, one of the marketing managers at one of the IOC’s subsidaries, and an MBA from prestigious Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, was murdered for sealing a corrupt petrol station deal in the state of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) in India on behalf of Indian Oil and that that was just the latest in a long line of suspect deals dating back many years which are currently under investigation by legal authorities in India.
In Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri’s own words:
in having seen the importance of being in the lead. They may have a lot of oil today, but it is not going to last for ever. And as I keep telling my friends and colleagues here, since you are a major energy exporter today, you have to now invest in technologies and resources that would keep you exporting energy in the future.

Several initiatives are being considered in North Africa, where the large area of land receiving abundant solar radiation can make the region a major world energy exporter. They can generate power using solar technology and transmit the energy to Europe. So it is entirely possible in some form or shape and the UAE can also remain a major energy exporter in the future.

I commend the leadership of the country for what they have done so far in promoting this...

[United Arab Emirates]
Worldwide, there will be a major transition in supply and consumption. I commend the leadership of the UAE

In other, and more accurate, words: let’s keep the developed world in thrall to the Ummah for as long as possible.
Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri is a leading advocate in the pleading of a special case for the heavily polluting, or potentially heavily polluting, third world countries and he argues vociferously that the developed countries must bear the lion’s share (an entire pride’s share, actually) of the necessary cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases so that such countries can follow us into the shining upland pastures of prosperity by simply emulating our unwitting past mistakes which we made as we industrialised in ignorance of the consequences. In that approach he seems to me to be following a completely different agenda from that which the science of climate change indicates. He has neither the imagination nor the intellect (or perhaps, as I personally suspect, he is in hoc to some dubious alliance) to tell the developing world that it must turn aside and cease to copy our past mistakes, but, instead, must use our learning, our existing industrial base and its great labour resource in order to find a new and cleaner way to reach for prosperity – a prosperity which it needs and deserves, as I do not deny.
Moreover, the good Doctor is, or was, involved with the International Association for Energy Economics (a known shill, as I understand it, for the oil industry and, as an organisation, a probable climate change denier - see its blog here) and the Asian Energy Institute – largely, I am given to understand, funded by the Arab oil producing nations (but that is not easy to ascertain and I could be wrong and I’m still working on proving that link-up).
Right from the start the Copenhagen Conference is mired in the stench of corruption and the exercising of double standards. It seems to me, in my personal opinion, to have chosen as its Chairman a deeply unsound and compromised person whose credentials are, for me, highly suspect and scarcely to be trusted.
I think, and this is purely my personal opinion, that the hydrocarbon industry, the oil industry, has pulled off one of the greatest coups of modern times and has managed to place one of their own as head of the IPCC and as Chairman of the Copenhagen Conference. I have absolutely no confidence at all that there will be any real and lasting progress towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions arising from the process in Copenhagen because, in my personal opinion, the elected and appointed officials attending this conference, in particular Dr. Pachauri (the Chairman), are already deeply in thrall to, and compromised by, their previous, recent and current associations with the oil industry.
By the way, and just to put things into perspective for you, did you know that this Conference in Copenhagen will generate the emission of the same quantity of greenhouse gases as Burkina Faso will emit in one calendar year?
Other delegates to this disreputable travesty of a Conference will come under my gaze as I find out more about them. However, please be under no illusions. This is not a conference about reversing climate change and preserving some semblance of biodiversity and a rich future for our offspring – this is a conference about seeing just how far we can go without actually extinguishing all life on earth: this is a conference about preserving the entrenched positions of existing institutions which do not want to change.
Mostly, this is a Conference about how to save the dinosaurs!
The big question, the question you have to ask yourself as you strive to preserve some semblance of civilisation as the waters rise and the weather systems become ever more erratic, is: are the dinosaurs worth saving?
Posted on 12/08/2009 6:41 AM by John M. Joyce
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